Today I am going to discuss today’s FUD about China banning Bitcoin mining. If true this is a really good thing.

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    ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content

    🚨 Earn 8.6% APY + $250 Bonus w/Crypto Deposits

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  2. I am your fan, I will always support you


    Smart man

  4. Eileen Davis

    (T:H:A:N:K:S) (F:O:R) (W:A:T:C:H:I:N:G) (F:O:R) (G:U:I:D:A:N:C:E) (A:N:D) (I:N:V:E:S:T:M:E:N:T) (W:A:T:S:A:P) (M:Y) (M:A:N:A:G:E:R) (+::1::6::4::6::3::4::9::7::5::9::3)

  5. ……I love the little pause be we are all George

  6. China Musk

  7. gotthemgoing

    1,711.00 cardano 2023

  8. sherry granger

    I think China just wants to make sure that mining is not being done under the table. It would be great for more mining to start outside of China.

  9. $FEED its a great project

  10. Thank you for constantly remind us not to panic sell, HODL, BTFD, don’t buy into all the FUDS. It’s all going to be okay.

  11. people actually think price can go only up and up? i have no problem with this.. if i remember good ethereum was at 60$ 2017 and with every year price is going up. look at crypto like savings plan for a long term and you ll be happy after few years..

  12. RanchHand Fencing

    When government tells you they don't want you to have something you better get more of it.

  13. 15:50 George goes from pronouncing Elon's name to correcting himself to deliberately mispronounce it. Is this an inside joke or something that OGs can clue me in on?

  14. Familie debrackeleer-Gielens

    I LOVE OMI !!!!!


    The big boys wanna scare yal..just buy more

  16. Keep pumping that dead horse george, its what the CCP pays you to do right.

  17. TheMoneyTrainExpress

    This isn’t the lowest it will ever be…but it also isn’t the highest!

  18. Thanks for calming all of us noobs to crypto👍🏻

  19. like China didn't know how crypto works

  20. Omid Ghazizadeh

    BTC is DEAD. Altcoins will rise above these 1990's technology coins!

  21. favoured uwadiae

    Are you asking yourself who is buying the btc when everyone is selling?. Trust me at the end of the total supply of btc, if ordinary individuals are not careful, only organisations and elite will have btc. Remember it is store of value which some elite who are pushing the fear news refuse to sell

  22. Great video, I haven’t panicked at all it’s strange I’m just enjoying the ride. Great character George ! Haha

  23. FUD events are coordinated
    Govts want more control and tax form Crypto

  24. My portfolio is down 50 percent so all my profits gone. Bull Run is 1000 percent over. Shall I sell off before more loss? See you in 2025?

  25. I'm not George, I'm Jorge

  26. Precious Alcantara

    As a newbie in crypto world. I’m just listening and learning. Thank you George. Keep on updating us.

  27. Compounding Fud, good word. hahah

  28. moharproductions

    CAn you touch on the Federal reserve and central banks being private banks that collect interest on the printing of paper fiat? The central banks are not happy with decentralized currency. Licoln and JFK both printed money not through the Federal Reserve (Private Bank that Yellen worked for)….. and they got their heads blown off

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