Mumbai International Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) Terminal 2 Departure Tour – Prakhar Sahay

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is One of the best airport in the world and was inaugurated in Januarry 2014.

The airport has two main passenger terminal complexes. Terminal 1 at Santacruz is dedicated for domestic passengers. The new Terminal 2 which is an integrated terminal catering to both international and domestic passengers but now a days flights terminal can change from domestic to internation according to which airline you are travelling.

I’ve travelled many airports in India and abroad but this one has some specialty in it. I can very confidently say that if you have a transit in this airport you will not be bored easily as there is a lot of things to look out for. Also you may easily spot celebrities here.

A modern airport which is designed with a basic shape of a feather of peacock. Incidentally peacock is the national bird of India. This shape is repeated in many components of this beautiful structure of this airport building. These include columns, ceilings, logo, panels etc. The new international terminal “T2” is nothing short of a marvel, a fusion of art and technology. The terminal is on of the best in the world and puts India on the world map.

The new Terminal – T-2 is mesmerising and offers a lot to the people. This airport exhibits many cultural and contemporary art works. It is worth watching the airport just roaming inside, if you have time before boarding a flight. Quite nicely decorated and it’s huge. Relevant signs at every location to guide you through the way. They provide services to keep you entertained until your boarding starts.

The facilities at this airport are of international level, Check in and luggage collection was well organised and smooth. There are many international brands options to choose from for shoppers, it is like one big shopping mall. Duty free shops are also world class, one big part is its food zone having mouthwatering delicious food option. There are ample food joints and lounges, and the shops are good value for last minute gifts. Smoking zones are clean and well ventilated.

There are nice areas to relax if you have long time transit. The overall atmosphere was calm and serene – unlike most airports. Ground staffs, securities, police everybody are very helpful.

I am amazed at the choice of theme it has. The inclusion of Art and artefacts, installations, sculptures and the sheer grandeur through the exotic interior is breathtaking! A unique airport that celebrates the country’s traditions, arts and crafts!

Though there can be long Queue in the security and immigration depending on the time of the day. It gets really busy between 9:00 pm to 2:00 am when many International flights depart.

Airport has lot of parking space there are many five star hotels just outside the airport which is very convenient for businessman and travellers. It has the best connectivity across the globe. The huge Airport witness hundreds of flight everyday from across the globe. There are a lot of approach routes and the traffic to and fro to the airport is also managed well.

The world class airport making travel more easier and enjoyable.

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