Hi guys, here is my perspective on my experience on the big 4 accounting firm graduate scheme in London. Spolier alert… It was a really good time! I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about accounting as a career and is at that stage where you are thinking about apprenticeships, internships, grad schemes etc to have a think about applying for the Big 4 as you will learn alot, both in practice and through training and will really propel your career while having alot of fun whilst doing it!

The video provides a view on life at PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY as an accounting graduate trainee in London

🤓 Hit the link to check out the 1,000 + Anki Flashcards and 300 page study study notes I used to revise toward my CFA Level 1 exam! 📚



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  1. What about opportunities for fully trained and qualified in big 4 from Pakistan?
    Can you make any video on it

  2. I am proudly saying being part of Pwc

  3. Why not telling KPMG

  4. UK audit salaries in the gutter

  5. I worked at a top 4 firm and trainees were not allowed to talk to clients. You also dont talk about if you fail your exams your out the door. i saw people lose their jobs over exams.

  6. Sagar Malhotra

    Hi Luke.
    How are you ?
    I have a question.
    If one is already qualified ACCA and has 1 year post qualification experience in audit back in India, then if he comes to London, at what post will he be most probably joining ?

  7. Sounds too stressful, ill just stay in retail

  8. this guy is probably not describing EY. for EY, you cant really cross over to work in other departments in your 3 years, and the development isnt very fluid in my experience.

  9. Starting my apprenticeship at one of the big 4 in September these videos are really helpful!

  10. Nazeer Hoosen

    Currently in first year, is it worth it in the end?

  11. Kajol Phadnis

    I actually want your glasses (interesting to note how different accounting is vs consulting at the Big 4)

  12. Joshua Short

    I'm starting in the Big 4 this Autumn. I'm doing Audit and completing the ICAEW ACA qualification. What advice would you give for getting ahead in the summer?

  13. Hi Luke whats the name of the music in the background?

  14. I have watched a lot of your videos. I wanted to ask which accounting software I should learn before coming to the UK to get a job? I am planning to do a master's in accounting and Finance leading to a 2-year work permit (PSW), plus I am doing ACCA as well. An ACCA qualified can also do an audit job in the UK?

  15. Benedict Seow

    You mentioned that you studied a mathematics degree in your undergraduate years. Did you have to complete all the 15 papers (no exemptions at all) in your 3 years in the graduate programme?

  16. Richie Lythgoe

    Wow this was the video I really needed to see. Super insightful, thanks for letting us all know 🙂 Only a first year but I’m excited to see where I can go with my Accounting and finance degree

  17. This bloke just absolutely sorted me for my interview. Cheers mate

  18. Hey does my 3 years experience to gain acca membership will help me to reduce the pratical work experience for aca ?

  19. Hey, thank you for your video. Don’t know if you will see this comment, but I have a question. I wonder if it will make me more competitive to study the ACCA during university years, then apply for the big four’s graduate scheme to study towards ACA? I don’t know if this logic makes sense frankly 😂😂, but I thought the competition should be incredibly fierce, therefore, I really want to make myself stand out more. Any advice I could get from you? Thanks!!

  20. This was soo helpful, thank you !

  21. Zanele Daily

    Thank you for sharing the insight on the industry as a student , these videos are so beneficial as I’m also embarking on the CA journey , currently doing second year part time and working full time

  22. Devanne Schalkwyk

    Oh, wow I love the positive outlook. You are a great example to us future CA's and maybe one day we could work together if we are with the same company and I do secondment on your side. It is possible😅 At the end of the day these strenuous hours were expected and we are still crushing it!! Thanks for the vid Luke

  23. Simon Classe

    In terms of amount of work, the busy season is a bit like at university, where you can work more than 8 hours a day, weekends included for more than a month during exams and sometimes even up to 16 hours a day and be forced to spend sleepless nights. On the other hand, it's true that unif offers beautiful and long vacations haha

  24. Emanuel Burghelea

    Can I ask what the recruitment process was like? I've applied with the Big 4 and have trouble with the numerical tests. I did some practice before hand.

  25. Just subscribed. Your videos are super helpful! Thank you

  26. Are you thinking of doing a second professional qualification? What is your opinion on doing a second professional qualification after the ACA?
    I am thinking about doing the CFA or ADIT depending if I want to move onto advisory/risk or tax later on. I am just starting my ACA and haven't had any job experience yet except from my internship so I guess for now I am just going with the flow.

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