My Mom Took Out 6 Credit Cards in My Name!

My Mom Took Out 6 Credit Cards in My Name!
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  1. Mom should get a cc and transfer the debt into her name, some cc allows you to pay off debt via checks associated with the cc or she can get a personal loan and take ownership of her own debt and clear her daughter's name, other than that she should report it her making payments wouldn't work at all

  2. She needs to file a police report immediately.

  3. My husband had a friend whose mom did this to him. It was less, something like $6000. He had it stopped and ended up paying it off himself over time. I just always felt bad for him that he did not have much family and this happened when he was in his twenties.

  4. This happened this me 😢 broke my heart

  5. Shadownoob Noobslayer

    dats one shity mother instead giving to her kid she stole from him lol

  6. Dave Ramsey, How's the lawsuit coming?
    Going agaisnt god and your religion.

  7. This mom needs to be locked up!!!

  8. john deloney interrupting chris

  9. Doing ANYTHING under my son’s name…that’s not even an option. It would never enter my mind, not even for a fleeting moment as a throw away thought.

  10. That's horrible. My dad has always said he made my life easy. Now I can see why.

  11. Francisco Peralta

    Rice and beans.

  12. shannon land

    Sue the momma

  13. As soon as she got mad and stopped making payments id of got mad and called the police 👮‍♀️

  14. ODi7 Mathibe

    If you don't allow your mother to experience the consequences of her actions, she will never change.
    The law needs to take care of this, it's going to make clearing your name alot easier.

  15. OurBelovedBungo

    My first phone call in this scenario would be to the police.

  16. Glitch Machine

    I wish we could get a follow up to this.

  17. In money we trust Dollar bill

    Sell sell sell mom yesterday

  18. I could NEVER do this to my daughters. This seriously breaks my heart. How could any parent do that to there child this breaks my heart as a momma. Not only is that illegal but child/adult child abuse. Soooo maddening.

  19. Ivan Romance

    That’s life for you.

  20. Is this not a federal crime?

  21. Eddie Ceniceros

    What a horrible foul felonious woman. Horrible woman. What a horrendous mother. She should be arrested.

  22. 16k ? What was she buying??

  23. How do parents do this to their kids?

  24. It’s a FELONY Jesus Chris just tell her to prosecute it’s the law!!!

  25. When somebody does this to you, you do not give them the chance to make it right. They have already broken that trust. You go straight to the police and have them held 100% accountable for their choices. If they go to prison so be it.

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