Navy Federal Credit Card | How To Start A Business With Navy Federal Platinum Credit Card Reviews?

How To Start A Business With Navy Federal Platinum Credit Card Reviews?

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00:15 How To Start A Business With Navy Federal Platinum Credit Card Reviews?
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  1. Schedule Consultation 👉

  2. Houston, how do you get back on good graces with Navy Fed if my account is closed with a balance? If I pay it off, will navy fed frown on trying to start-up with them again? Or will NF be through with you?

  3. I got everything all setup with Navy. The only missing thing is the Navy Business Credit Card. My credit score is horrible. I’m going to try to apply in middle of night and see if I can get one

  4. Amazing content! Salute 👍🏾

  5. Antonia McKinley

    When is the best time to sign up for a business navy credit card.and I also already have two credit cards and won’t this go on my credit history

  6. I had a PayPal loan before quick n Easy..but they don't report to business bureau at

  7. I would highly recommend you do the consultation. The Big H (Houston) is the truth yall. He really has a genuine passion to help build yr business. Ive had mine and you can't tell me that's not my Brother baby!!! Get the Consultation? It's more than worth it!

  8. How do you get in navy fed if your not an Federal employee

  9. Jykira Chanelle

    what corporations are we buying into, to build business credit?

  10. Millionaire Mav

    I Have Not Resource As To Who I Know That Would Sponsor Me On This Or I D Be Quickly Approved .m👍🏾

  11. great content , how about a business line of credit with nave federal?

  12. Jykira Chanelle

    I was approved for $6k with mid 600s score, I’m going to try to build business credit now 🥂 thanks for letting us know how

  13. Jykira Chanelle

    I can hear it

  14. ropicllc Offical

    how do i build my credit score i have a 300 limit capital one credit card i have a charge off on my history

  15. MeShell MyBell

    Is there an email address to reach out to you give you a short paragraph about where I'm at with my new LLC? That way you can see if you could help me in a consultation or not.. thanks!

  16. Rob Williams

    The Audio is only working properly on small screen.

  17. Jeremy Holland

    No audio. Just static.

  18. You dropped a lot of gems on this video, I'm already doing affiliate marketing and ecom and it's very profitable but like anything put the work in and don't give up! Thank you Houston I'm going to schedule a consultation with you soon I'm going to be looking for more funding to expand.

  19. Tabitha Atkins

    What is plastic?

  20. No audio☹️

  21. Tabitha Atkins

    Heyyy 👋🏾

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