Nevada Coin: Lots To Look Foward To! (FA & TA)

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Fundamental Analysis: 0:00
Technical Analysis: 7:24

This video, as with all of my content, is a representation of my personal opinions on the market and should in no way be considered direct advice. I am not responsible for your investment decisions or outcomes, analyse the charts for yourself before proceeding with a trade.

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  1. Wolves of Crypto

    I have created a discussion group chat where any members can openly discuss the market with each other.

    Go ahead and join up using this invite link

  2. Cepheidvariable

    How do you buy it? I cant see it

  3. warband gamer

    Great analysis. I bought into this on the first day of release. The staking is awesome close to 300%.

  4. Master Beernuts

    Congrats on the sponsor mate. You deserve it – you're a quality crypto youtuber.

  5. Philip Oulton

    Poocoin? Is that like a joking, self-deprecating naming of their own "Sh*tcoin"? lol… Impressed you got a sponsor with only 2600 subscribers. I guess they see your value in TA and finding the micro-cap gems. Good onya!

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