Should you sell all your crypto and Bitcoin? Are we finally in a real bear market? If so, what now? That, and more, will be discussed in this video. Enjoy!

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  2. nicholas ashford

    Bitcoin has seen massive momentum that has enabled it to erase much of the losses caused by the recent slump. This sell-off was a surrender among investors, and many clearly feared that the multi-month uptrend that led BTC to its all-time highs was over and a deep regression was imminent. Nevertheless, the bulls have now gained full control over the price development of the crypto and are now able to record a clear further upward trend in the short term. There was a break below the 200-day moving average, indicating that the bulls are tryn to break through and a firm break above that level could confirm that this rebound is a complete reversal of the recent downtrend. Stayn profitable 24/7 should be the goal of every investor and trader, which is why I trade daily to increase my holdings. Although I am not an expert, I always make sure that I can trade efficiently by copying and using BTC tradn signals from experts and Raymond Anthony, the best signal provider I have ever seen, in my portfolio. For his support with strictly cryptic problems he can be reached via TEL EGRAM [Raymondsam01].

  3. Gerónimo Tierno Amigo

    what do you think about ZRX?

  4. Get in 100xcoin it’s worth it it has low market cap and real plans. It’s easy money after this dip it wil 🚀 for sure

  5. GhostVaperYT

    BUY THE DIP !!!! thats what the big boys are all doing right now

  6. haha baas!

  7. Bro the intro lmao. SAMEEEE

  8. Its over huge bear market upton us China fuck crypto

  9. Its finished game over man china fucked crypto

  10. BCTR is ready to takeoff

  11. Joel's Revolver

    New here. Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m still holding and also bought dip. You said a major correction is coming. Here we are, should be not much surprise.

  12. Pretty Neat Stuff

    💥💥💥💥💥 So let me explain this to all the STUPID people out there:
    💥💥💥💥💥 You are expected to take REAL MONEY (that you can buy anything with) and buy FAKE MONEY (Bitcoin) that you can buy nothing with. Your only hope is that someone is as stupid as you to pay more for Bitcoin than you paid, so that it drives the price up, and then you can sell yours.
    💥💥💥💥💥 Now doesn't that sound like they biggest pyramid scam ever created?

    💥💥💥💥💥 Companies that accept Bitcoin will be frowned upon and Boycotted because Bitcoin is a dirty enery hog.

    💥💥💥💥💥 Greta must be spinning on her high heels. Any day she can surface and say, "How dare you support a company that supports Bitcoin!! How Dare you!!!! How DARE You!!!"

    💥💥💥💥💥 As stated before, Bitcoin is goin down the toilet. Governments want nothing to do with it, and want it shut down. Elon is going to lose all the investors money, and he don't care.

  13. gotta love these pieces of shit with their piece of shit titles. let me manipulate people emotion to attract more attention to myself under the guise of education and concern. lmfao.

  14. Christian Davis

    Stocks are crashing bitcoin investment right now will be at every wise individual's list. In two to three years you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  15. Cryptomania rok

    would u be positive about investing in @BitCannaGlobal?

  16. Alexander adn

    Buy more! And Hodl 🚀🚀😄

  17. Pokepoke Fox

    28k happened… and now we go to 300k ^^ – and yes you should always sell your crypto at 20x profits!!!

  18. 8 uur nadat je de vid ziet denk jee kut zooi lmao daar gaat mijn geld

  19. What the fuck, I lost everything!

  20. Jos van Zetten

    @crypto Michael I liked your comment on Dutch television PowNed: "Stay calm, keep breathing"
    And that what i am doing as a hodler, dont't sell, just buing to make some positions stronger (bigger)
    Invest during this dip and be patience.

  21. Love this..check out CORGIB also

  22. Tjeerd Noorland

    For nieuwkomers

  23. Wesley Hoving

    Bedankt voor je heldere uitleg👍

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