New ❤Donating my hair to Oil Spills❤

❤Hey everyone! For those who are new, welcome! I was on a long hair journey for many years and used to have hair down to the middle of my thighs! For those who have been following me for awhile may have seen I have been gradually going shorter and trying out new lengths. After researching multiple different organizations, I finally felt comfortable with Matter or Trust. Donating my hair to help the environment deeply resonated with me.

Oil spills are especially harmful for to marine birds and mammals as well as fish and shellfish. When exposed to oil, adult fish may experience reduced growth, enlarged livers, changes in heart and respiration rates, fin erosion, and reproduction impairment. Hair acts as a natural oil absorbent and helps clean up large spills.

Another cool perk of the Matter of Trust is that you do not need a drastic hair cut, other donation places ask for 8-12+ inches. You can donate hair clipping of 1 inch -3 inch and ponytails 3 + inches! I know some of you may ask why I did not want to help out cancer donations, this is a sensitive subject as I have lost close family members due to cancer. Every year I donate monetarily to help out organizations and hospitals for cancer research and treatment. Matter or Trust seemed to best align with my values and how much hair I wanted to donate.

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💜H O W T O D O N A T E

💜H O W H A I R H E L P S O I L S P I L L S
Iriakuma, CT, Obomanu, T, Idogun, AK. (2016). A Novel Method for Adsorption using Human Hair as a Natural Oil Spill Sorbent. International Journal of scientific & engineering research. 7(8):1754-1764.–7ogHC6cXuVX~gPc1332wVxR8hKW8ipvWEDfOkELu58VVHSB9bYMtisEIVZTZmuwrFNtZPPYI7quD~SQR7ezrK1eCM3ze7NgioOEB8bs-bHgrnwzrlsSIc40lYVvYB-jor0yyawuS-t4KR~THtcwA__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLOHF5GGSLRBV4ZA
Murray ML, Poulsen SM, Murray BR. Decontaminating Terrestrial Oil Spills: A Comparative Assessment of Dog Fur, Human Hair, Peat Moss and Polypropylene Sorbents. Environments. (2020). 7(7):52.

💜D I S C O U N T C O D E S


Morrocco Method

💜S U P P O R T M Y C H A N N E L

💜A R T
Drawing of Naturally Antonia (in the beginning): By Giselle

💜M U S I C
Music by Emily McNally – pretty girl –
Music Info: Inspiring Acoustic Uplifting Soft Background by RomanSenykMusic.
Music Link:

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  1. Witchfinder General

    really a shame 🙁

  2. selvian connors

    Wow i like when you do bun drop like this one 4:48
    I rarely see bun drop like this 🙂
    I hope you do again some another time 🙂

  3. Dinesh Kotian

    I am sad after you cut your beautiful long HAIR more

  4. Cheryl Stone

    Great video for a good cause ! And your ends look like it got a dose of freshness to them! So now that you’ve had your hair long and at this length which is just a bit shorter than you had wanted, can you say you have a favorite length ? I think mine is hip for me, but not sure yet .

  5. Omg i cant believe it 😮 your lenght was my goal for so long and now that you cutted those 6inch your lenght is probably the lenght i´ll have in a few month then i´ll "surpass you" and grow to the lenght you had and that have been my goal for so long✌😘

  6. It looks great! I'm glad you found a place you felt comfortable donating too.

  7. oh no donate

  8. Ronaldo Ronaldo

    I'm so proud of you for donating 😭😭

  9. You’re awesome. That’s all I have to say.

  10. Please dont cut your gorgeous hair any shorter,youre so lucky to have such an amazing asset, dont ruin it

  11. Maria Christina

    Always gorgeous 🖤

  12. birendra pandey

    Very good but I like ur long hair

  13. Ariana Malkin

    Absolutely beautiful!! I've been growing mine out and we look like hair twins now! Same color, texture, thickness, density and now length too 😂- I'm glad I've had you to follow because generally what works for you has worked really well for me! Thank you for sharing your journey

  14. Rhythmic Elegance

    Great to know! Environmental care is the foundation for quality of life, and it would be the one purpose I would ever donate to. Well done!

  15. Sandrine Jean

    We now have the same hair length! ❤ Do you plan on growing it back or maintaining it to this length?

  16. saurav sharma

    Dear, I'm your new subscriber. I love your silky shiny long hair and your haircut so much.

  17. Hans Reagen Kurt

    Wow, that special bun-tie at the end just drove me crazy! I must learn that too.
    And it's amazing that your hair has lost a few inches but absolutely nothing from its beauty. It will grow back in no time anyway.
    Although I really don't understand this kind of donation and recycling, it does not matter.

  18. Gin Naturopathie

    Very beautiful Antonia, your new length looks great on you 💖 I hope all is well with you 🤗

  19. Looks amazing before AND after! I imagine the ends feel amazing!

  20. Looks beautiful Antonia!

  21. i love it !! i cut mine too i got so tired of dealing with it lol yours is just lovely anatonia!

  22. Michelle Devraj

    Hi Beautiful Antonia respect to you for donating your hair you rock girl .. your hair grows so fast by the next few weeks it will grow back . love the length and as long as you happy that is important Yeah much love happy weekend 🌹❣️✌️

  23. It looks amazing before and after!

  24. Yo Antonia, your hair looks so healthy, it's amazing. A nice cut does wonders for the ends.
    Nice to see you off of instagram, and enjoying your hair and spending your time in ways you enjoy 💫🎶
    -Functional unit of the kidney

  25. Monika Kennedy

    Your hair is thick beautiful and strong. You have now classic length hair. That was nice of you to donate some of your hair.

  26. You not only have beautiful long hair but also a heart of gold …i love it ✂️✂️✂️

  27. One of the most interesting posts I've ever seen. Thank you Anna for your work in publicizing this.

  28. What an awesome way to help out! I had no idea you could donate your hair for something like that.

  29. Yay! You look beautiful!

  30. Lesley Elder

    What a thoughtful thing to do Antonia so kind of you ❤ 💖
    Your hair looks as beautiful as always 😍
    Take care

  31. JeremyBrittanyJSmithFan

    Your hair is so lovely. Ik it's for the best, donating your hair is very thoughtful of you, any girl who suffers cancer dreams about having hair as beautiful as yours. You definitely have the prettiest hair.

  32. Omg love it❤

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