New 🏘 Mortgage Delinquency Rates Decline

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Mortgage delinquency rates have declined, but the spectre of an uneven recovery is being warned about.

00:00​ – Introduction
00:32 – Worst Postcode for Mortgage Repayments
05:15​ – Historic Delinquency Rates
06:13​ – Moody’s Prediction
08:25​ – Solutions
08:44​ – Outro

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  1. I would be seriously surprised if any any published figures on this were accurate. I would imagine currently banks would pressure people to sell on their own. This stress on people would be severe and unrelenting. It always amazes me how grass roots misery becomes proactive timely action in the interests of all by the time it is published. The sanitising of the human experience is s masterclass in social engineering these days.

  2. Oh you deleted my comment huh! why so sensative about critical comments regarding domian and Real Estate dot com?? Don't like it when people mention the FUD articles being spread by them on a daily basis? Or have I strayed to close to a shill sponsor?

  3. Any updates on business closures ?

  4. Love the house in the thumbnail.

  5. Govt. can't wait till everyone offered a jab so that they can release incentives to international students to come here and rent.

  6. History keeps on repeating itself.

  7. Cameron Hickey

    So yesterday it was Distressed Housing Sales Spike and today its Mortgage Delinquency Rates Decline. So which is it……

  8. Neville Taylor

    Could it be that there has been less mortgage delinquencies because people haven't been allowed to blow all their savings and income on alcohol soaked holidays in Bali, is there no low our Government will stoop to protect the property market?

  9. I simply do not feed into all this BS. Don't believe any figures coming out on anything lies misled old data new data, it's all becoming a joke. Every day things are changing going to good then bad then back to good, ops no bad again. Bloody joke

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