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00:00 – Intro
01:29 – Crypto prices tanking
05:37 – Tesla & Bitcoin
13:21 – ETH flipping Bitcoin
15:33 – MicroStrategy buying BTCs dip
17:11 – Crypto prices
21:07 – ETH NUPL chart
22:20 – Bitcoin NUPL chart
25:51 – Q&A
32:24 – Conclusion


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  1. Skip video. First 60 seconds shows this guy has no idea why what happened. Everyone is guessing and laughing at one another for still buying shit.

    Much higher we shall go !

  2. Andrew Willam

    I'm so happy I just got into crypto trading and I made my first profit, I wish I knew about crypto earlier I would have made a lot of money by now

  3. Eth is unusable right now

  4. Lorenzo Leonardi

    Hi Greg! I wanted to learn how to develop, but not just for ethereum but maybe Polkadot and chainlink as well. Is there anything important I should know? Is there any place you'd recommend I start, maybe one of your own specific playlists you think would be best?
    Don't know if you have time to answer but thanks for the content in any case!

  5. i think i'm gonna unsubscribe, your videos are full of clickbaits. and your user name is dapp university, and yet everyday you just talk about dump or pump, or major news. You have sold out man, no real educational content. You are just chasing subscribers and clout because of the emotional roller coaster ride we are on now. You are starting to become a bit like the rest of the crypto youtubers like bitboy.

  6. Yash Purohit

    How to create a multiple page dapp in react pls make a video on the same 🙂

  7. Fine piece! Is that a Tudor BB?

  8. This is not a new story . They’ve been bashing bitcoin since 2017 bull run and bitcoin was declared dead hundreds of times and when you least expect it, it will comes back and roars like a king !

  9. abhishek varma

    Hey please drop what's app digits ! Cheers

  10. Mark Bentley - Live Your Genius

    Might wanna reconsider Doge after Elon’s last tweet. 😅🔥 worlds getting weird.

  11. Michelline Pena


  12. BCTR is ready to moon

  13. Does Elon like to go to Las Vegas? How much Electricity does Las Vegas use? Lol.. Hint, more than #BitCoin.. Buy #ETHE lol.. : ) Bonus Question.. How much electricity does hard rock mining like Gold use? More than mining bitcoin..

  14. BCTR – Ready for Takeoff

  15. What kind of fuel do his rockets use?

  16. steven carrier

    ANKR GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Brian Morris

    As a beginer, would right now be the time to buy etherium, dogecoin, or bitcoin?

  18. Harvey Tracht

    Most people don't understand the concept of "buying down", buying down is all about buying digital assets when their prices go down and selling off when the price goes up just as the current market is down. Holding is profitable, although trading is much more profitable., I was able to grasp the knowledge of crypto asset trading quite early, but I was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market, all it changed when I met Mr. Harvey, even though I have been in numerous services Mr. Harvey stands out for the experience and expertise that play in his favor … I must confess that it was not an easy task to learn the routes on trading but with Mr. Harvey's assistance it was easier to understand, here are his details on Telgram (@harveytracht) for his assistance on the closely related crypto concern.

  19. Thanks Elon, I was waiting for the price of BTC and ETH to go down so I could buy some more. No one but the uber rich cares about man made climate change, because they are the ones perpetuating and profiting from the scam that it is.

  20. i admire the efforts u put in your videos mate, digital currencies continues to reshape the world globally, its hard for for anyone going against them these days, though from a trader's perspective i feel we really need more experts in the field updating newbies on how the the community works. crypto currencies are gradually moving towards something big and the price surge over the past few months is just the beginning of greater things to come. lots of persons are skeptical on when to buy-in the market and whether it isn't too late to buy an asset, when you're hodling it could be but when trading its never too late to buy. a trader with the right strategy and indicators earns big regardless of market price (bulls or bears). i trade using signals from trade expert Fernando Rafael Tradings Signals, with is guide and signal service i've made over $450k worth of crypto assets over some months. only for crypto issues connect Fernando Rafael n on ( @Bernxtradex ) tele gram

  21. Trace Williams

    Bitcoin simply needs to get away from SHA256 and go the ASIC resistant CPU mining route like Monero. Together with its rarity (17-18 million coins) and the small amounts which could be mined through CPU alone, Bitcoin could avoid this negative association.

  22. Robert Emeny

    all good

  23. Anyone bought dapp university bootcamp courses i have question?


  25. I'll Bet you Tesla goes with ADA before ETH 1000000%

  26. Cardano will be the one Tesla goes to. Funny how you didn't mention it. Just trying to pump ETH but you can't discount ADA. Charles H tweeted Elon. If Tesla goes to POS it won't be with ETH gas fees way to high and know one knows when the fees Come down

  27. The major clickbait master, and I’m going you to teach how to clickbait as a masteeeer.

  28. Always enjoy your videos man keep it up.

  29. Musk is fucking with his fan base lol. He's bitching that mining is 'bad' for the environment. Mining is done via ELECTRICITY. I thought electricity was the "cleanest" possible energy? Like, his cars are electric?? WTF He's blaming COAL now?? Did these libtards finally figure out energy? What took so long? We've been telling them for YEARS that all-electric is UN-sustainable for intense & widespread energy. LMAO! It's so EASY to mess with the green new deal misinformed cult.

  30. Michael Garfield

    Elon could come in with his own Cryptocurrency called NOB. That would best describe him.

  31. Wolfgang Schmit

    The best way for the alt coins is to buy them before launching on exchanges, i am doing this since January and never made a mistake so far, easy 400,500%. Just track news, blogs, forums about new coins and listing date. Currently i am all-in for Greater Albania Coin – so buy it in wallet and sell it on poloniex when it get listed and you can do this all the time with new coins or tokens.

  32. Chronic Crypto

    What happened was we had a pull back to the 21ema on the weekly that was over 21 weeks past due for healthy growth.

    But now we're facing strong daily overall trend resistance, as well as watching that 21ema closely. If it breaks below watch the 34ema and if that breaks then it's most likely a start to another bear cycle.

  33. Matthew Ward

    Yeah Musk isn’t accepting bitcoin as a payment because of greater fossil fuel usage, meanwhile, let’s send more rockets up in space… what a hypocrite!!! He knows he can manipulate the market and all the while buy up all these dips. Crypto will never be decentralized for the simple fact humans have a herd mentality and are like sheep lead to the slaughter. God help us all if he decides he wants out of the crypto game…

  34. I sold all my ETH… needed to take some profits

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