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00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Crypto prices
07:02 – All time high ETH transactions
09:08 – On-chain metrics
12:11 – Crypto retail participation
15:30 – Uniswap v3
18:20 – Why is ETH classic pumping?
22:15 – What coding language to learn first
24:22 – Safemoon
26:42 – Best ways to practice blockchain programming
28:58 – Conclusion


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  1. Bruce Drexler


  2. Investment decision-making in most cases, but perhaps especially this case, is quite hard. I expected some corrections over the last 1-2 weeks, and it just wasn't happening. Who knows if it ever will? Anyway, I decided to take the extra cash I have and dollar-cost-average over the next 2-4 weeks and just see what happens. In it for the long-run!

  3. I'm not touching doge, it's gonna tank hard.

  4. Good call set to correct over the next five to seven days. I am holding my ETH also sound advice, much more appreciated than the rubbish other people are saying on YouTube.

  5. Where history doesn’t repeat itself is the amount of dollars that the Fed is printing, these people are absolutely nuts and there is a nut job in the White House who only knows one way to grow the economy, printing more money. And they even say that the crypto currencies are national security threats because the dollar is threatened, but they know very well that the crypto market boom is a reaction to a problem, it is not a problem in itself.

  6. It's pretty simple. Unless you are an experienced trader, 20-30 years track record, then you have to leqrn to do the exact opposite of what you feel like doing. If you feel like buying, don't. If you feel like selling, buy.

  7. in 2010 everyone was retail….crypto is useless without retail.

  8. Michal Kosiorek

    no pain no gain that's sooooo true

  9. Brian Barber

    A dogecoin whale sold and then immediately Ethereum spiked, they are using doge as an ATM for real investments, that's exactly what I did, buy the rumor sell the news and it worked perfectly. Do what the 99% aren't doing.

  10. "Unit Bias" great explanation.

  11. Independence


  12. Katie Trotter

    No beginner thinks “this” is the perfect time to buy. They all know buying months ago would obviously have been a lot better. What they think is, things are rising fast and it would be better to get in now before it’s too high. When is it too high? That’s the real question.

  13. Damian Rodriguez

    So many people getting hacked!! Just took everything out my coinbase account. They are not doing anything to help with people who's been hacked. #fuckcoinbase.

  14. positivity29


  15. Unknown Spirit

    reddit is pumping etc from doge so you alll know that is why its like that

  16. Tristan Hardiman

    Sorry wasn't trying to be rude it was a honest question on the return part. Not a math wiz

  17. Tristan Hardiman

    Dude lol your videos contradict your post videos. You do know 20% of $100 is the same regardless of where the money is sitting at i feel like I'd rather have 4 coins of "Classic" and have 10 coins get a 30% return in 24hrs vs have a return of 10% or so on 1000 bc percentage goes up way more and faster on classic or the other one you think? Just curious I can't participate in investing in crypto unfortunately.

  18. Michael Casino

    Buy cosmos

  19. $LABRA  going through roof now!  Top gainer on Coinmarketcap.    Big exchange listing in 8 hours.   Grab your bags now people!

  20. i think the problem is that people have taken the lets wait and see, or next correction, and then ethereum goes up 900 dollars after 5 days lol so i mean you cant buy from the past so think about if itll still shoot then don t be to late HODL

  21. Betty Cooker

    Nice video, I have some issues for dew days, though I'm new to trading and even Crypto, I don't know if I can get help or better still an advice to hep me or with trading on my own and making huge gains also? anyone thanks

  22. I would love to ask you a question if possible…please [email protected] Ace from Boston Massachusetts

  23. GMR Finance…check it out

  24. Brandon Kwas

    ETC to 225 by Saturday

  25. it's never a "perfect" time to buy…
    So as a trader you buy things high to sell higher, and, sell lows to return it back lower. It's called FOLLOWING the trend.

    As an investor you did the research and you cost average in unemotional.

    This guy will keep you scared and waiting for that perfect time.

  26. I think 30% of dogecoin is owned by one wallet / one person ! That is why I am not buying any of it. If that one person decided to sell all there coins. I think that might knock the price somewhat.
    I am very new to crypto but heard that info on the coin bureau video about it.

  27. ncfan4life23

    Easiest explanation for the ETC pump to me: it’s available on Robinhood.

  28. Matthew Henry

    Anyone still buying meme coins? I'm buying cryptometh as soon as it launches on pancake swap.

  29. What is the best way to make money from crypto trading

  30. Jeffrey Jensen

    We need new words for new things. The regression to the mean just isn’t going to happen because the underlying variables have changed. We should as you say adjust the thesis.

  31. Hyetasay The Way Wills

    Safe moon army

  32. Nasey Ceistat

    $BONFIRE token!!

  33. Hey Greg, great video as always. Have a question about ETH you mentioned a potential correction, how long should I wait for a correction before we're sure the price is correct and we should buy (going long maybe 2-3 years). Are there any signs or a timeframe to wait for a correction (2 months / 6 months ??). I dont wana buy at an all time high if there's correction (possible ) in the near future! Cheers!

  34. Neter Twenty eight

    Spiting facts dap

  35. 2:35 lol this

  36. Blockbank AI, check theyr Roadmap, Papers and iOS/Android App, AI improvement soon

  37. Glen Fish Bachelor

    Technical analysis is a consensus of modelled human trader bevahior. Its a mechanism used by whales to flip boats

  38. Glen Fish Bachelor

    The fiat markets are struggling and inflation is going north fast. Companies are already overvalued by quite a lot. Digital assets and defi is where smart money will flow. Im not betting on a multi-year downturn

  39. Francisco Cambell

    safemoon to the moon still early to 100x cardano soon 2 dollar

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    What do you think?!

  41. Paul Jenkins

    Really wanna know how much ETH Gregory holds… 1000? 10,000??

  42. Only be careful now? LOL guys forget very easily the ICO scams and pump and dumps in 2017

  43. 🗝️🕺

  44. kedar upasani

    Everyday some different news, one day it is buy crypto next day be careful. 😁😁😜😜🙄🙄

  45. Lliam Jurdom

    Ethereum is a wank asset …

  46. steven carrier


  47. Cameron Hull

    HyperMeteor Next 1000x Gem soon to be listed 🚀💎

  48. Could you PLEASE cover TELOS (TLOS)?

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