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00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Crypto charts
07:43 – BTC fear and greed index
09:12 – ETH fear and greed index
10:33 – Bullish crypto catalysts coming down the road
15:03 – US officials recover $2.3 million in crypto from Colonial Pipeline ransom
19:38 – At what stage will ETH overtake BTC?
21:22 – What happens if ETH 2.0 fails?
23:18 – Donald Trump on Bitcoin
26:04 – Q&A
29:19 – Conclusion


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  4. ETH 2.0 not until late 2022 (which prob means 2023). Looks good for Cardano.

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  12. Is this seriously the worse crash you had experienced? 2018 was way worse we went down 90+% in a very short time

  13. Do crypto exchanges need regulation? Hear me out, Bitcoin whales dump and cause the price to drop. Does everyone holding ada, xrp, solana, and every other altcoin under the sun suddenly sell their holdings as well? Or is there a built in algorithm on exchanges that tweaks the price of altcoins to automatically correlate with price changes to Bitcoin? So they in turn can buy cheap coin from their own users and sell at an artificial premium whenever Bitcoin skyrockets? If that's the case, then EXCHANGES NEED TO BE AUDITED.