New 14 best ways to pay off your mortgage fast! Why not?

14 best ways to pay off your mortgage fast. Did you know that there are many ways in paying that mortgage down fast. Some call it the good debt but debt is debt and it’s best when all of it is off the radar. Watch my video for some tips on how to bring it down fast.

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  3. Mauro Giuffrida

    This works if you are debt free. No credit cards, no car loans. Otherwise you have to pay those first with the extra money.

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  5. Jeremy Wheeler

    What's a $250k mortgage? Lol. My home just got paid off at $70k. But I'm poor. Now I'm ready to travel.

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    Easy calculations

    Better rent and save money first before buying.
    Mortgage is living on bad credit isn't it !?

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  11. Question: When 1to 2 months payments ahead, is it wise to make the payment to the principal only when $0 is due for that month? Or does it still accumulate interest per day?

  12. Senia Faamausili

    Great advice 👍 I'm currently working on paying off my mortgage so this tips definately helps with my goals so thank you so much 🙏👏

  13. Average out your monthly payments from you amortization table and add that amount to each months principle payment, and you will cut a 30 year mortgage by half.
    Add your last principle payment to each months principle payment and you will reduce your total mortgage by 20 years

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  19. But if market return is on avg around 7-10%, and mortgage rate is lower than that, doesn't keeping investing in equity pays out more in the long term? Thanks.

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  22. Eruvwu Obuaya

    Good advice. Thank you for sharing.

  23. What about investing in the market that on average gets a higher return than any mortgage interest rate, over the course of the same time youl ha e paid off your mortgage you'll have more money and freedom to do with it as you please. It's simple math.

  24. Jake Not From State Farm

    Got 136k left on our mortgage and I decided I want to get it paid off by the time I’m 40 (6 years). After seeing all these success stories with much higher mortgages (250k, 330k, etc), I’m confident we can do it. I’m gonna switch to bi monthly payments and round up. Then once I get the car payment done, which I’m set we’re gonna do next year, gonna attack that mortgage even more aggressively.
    You’re not the first video like this I’ve seen, but thanks for you and everyone else. Y’all inspired me to really give it a shot.

  25. Nils from Alaska

    1) Pay more each month.
    2) Make sure your additional payments are being applied to the principle, not the interest.
    3) Pay as much as you can, as early as you can after getting the loan. The more you prepay each month, the sooner your mortgage will be paid off.
    4) In a few years, if you plan things right and keep up the prepayments, you'll own your house free and clear, and be totally free to invest in the stock market, or in real estate, or anywhere else you want to invest.

  26. Maricela and Sammy’s Hauls

    When we pay more on the monthly payment do we have to call the lender and telling them the $100 is for the principal or we don’t have to call just send extra each month?

  27. Ballsy Bunny

    What makes him think everyone gets a tax refund!?

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