New $16 Incoming | XRP SEC Gets A WIN | XRP PRICE PREDICTION 2021| Crypto News Today

$16 Incoming | XRP SEC Gets A WIN | XRP PRICE PREDICTION 2021| Crypto News Today

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  1. Cheeky Crypto: price predictions anywhere between 1$-1000$.

    The next day : anywhere between 1$-10 000$

    You shouls really watch what you tell you followers

  2. Upcoming.
    Not Incoming.
    Incoming = Thumbs Down.

  3. Sandy Shoals

    Since Jan. of 2020, the entire US govt. is a cartel. From the top down.

  4. They can't stop crypto world this is global 👏

  5. Paul lazquez

    Crypto is the future

  6. I personally reached Jeremy Hogan last night via email and he replied: " I received your inquiry (% chances of Ripple winning the lawsuit) and it's simply difficult to say because the general public has not seen much of evidence so far. But I do feel there's a lot of positive things going in Ripple's direction and feel positive about the defense of the lawsuit"

  7. So my question is: When do you think Coin base will allow trade of XRP again? Maybe its just a US thing currently, but on that platform we're unable to trade.

  8. Beautiful women channel Breast expansion ladies

    Lies lies

  9. W. Bonesteel

    SEC would like to save face……pride before a fall

  10. Ethan Michael Harrison

    Ripple, Coinbase and other crypto legal teams should join forces, create alliances. Claim compensation from SeC for lack of clarity, loss of earnings, deformation of character

  11. VidsInMotion

    Big Up da XRP massive, original crypto selecta!!!

  12. Ripple Labs is currently being sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for not registering XRP with the agency and illegally selling a security. The case is ongoing.
    XRP is not required (and scarcely adopted) by banks to settle transactions within the Ripple protocol. Banks, in many cases, can settle cross border payments simpler and with less volatility using traditional currencies (USD, Euro, etc.).
    XRP suffers from points of centralization. Roughly 50% of XRP are controlled by the private, for-profit company Ripple forcing users to trust a large entity (like a bank) with the fate of their money.
    Not censorship-resistant – Ripple has an out-sized influence over the Ripple network and can indirectly have funds frozen.
    Lacks the proper “tokenomics” for price appreciation. Value accrual for pure mediums of exchange (i.e. bridge currencies) remains unclear. Banks do not need to hold onto large amounts of XRP to successfully use the protocol, suggesting low demand-side price pressure.
    Increased competition from central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), actual bank coins like JP Morgan, and the proliferation of private stablecoins.

  13. I blame the judge here

  14. Sivakumar Nagarajan

    It will happen..but not immediately…

  15. At this point, ripple should refuse any settlement- surly if this goes all the way ripple will win – and maybee, all the xrp holders could do a class action lawsuit agains the sec…. that would surly be worth the wait 🙂

  16. wonder nights

    So many YouTube XRP videos selling pipe dreams. 😂

  17. Steve da Rednek1

    Thank you

  18. Angel Santiago

    I was saying that yesterday. Didnt the SEC just prove the XRP fair notice defence with the coinbase case. The SEC are so freaking dumb and corrupt.

  19. Eliezer ben Iejeskel

    XRP + MULTIVAC !!!

  20. Chris I am reporting you to the FCA misguiding people. How can you predict the price you just gave financial information.

  21. Great, thanks Chris

  22. I am so lucky to see the pump today..amazing..within few second ,it shoot up so fast…..

  23. HLH Music Video

    How is it $16 incoming? XRP cant hit a quid, so much hype people should by buying in, yes you can claim market manipulation, but i cant see over $2 no one cares its been going on too long? If this was possible people would be risking buying in and holding at 0.80 range.

  24. It doesn't matter xrp follows BTC and BTC is going to shit out when it does the lawsuit will end and even if xrp wins it will still only be worth a dollar after every pumps it

  25. Matias Becerra

    Just noticed exchanges wont let u set sell orders for XRP above 5 usd.
    It is a compresed spring waiting to be released.

  26. Charlie Turner

    Bullshit xrp falling down and won’t hit $16 this year MF Coinbase Relisting is nowhere near all this is just speculation

  27. Cheers Chris. Any thoughts on qredo (QRDO)?

  28. Coinbase should accept XRP to show unity against the SEC. We need clarity and regs to grow properly, with a Coinbase acceptance, it will show strength.

  29. clyde johnson

    Good job Cheeky keep it up!!!

  30. Vasanth Mothe

    Is it good stay with vet or change to xrp ?

  31. Absolute goons. They're shameless in their blatant bias and stupidity.

  32. "WHERE Can I buy xrp????

  33. Stop saying if Ripple win! They will win!

  34. Rather Squiffy

    "..the SEC is NOT interested in Truth or Justice, only acquiring it's pound of flesh $ from every source it can. It has nothing to lose by going to trial, other than whatever is left of it's reputation & disclosing the falsehood it exists to protect"

  35. Xrp is going to 33c again

  36. simon forsey

    Third party,

  37. John Sambrook

    I think the Coinbase episode is to stop leverage trading on a large scale to prevent crashing the markets. As for XRP, the SEC has had its day and at most, a settlement will be their only way of saving face. I just hope the senate don't give them overall control of regulation as that could be a real problem to the cryptosphere. Like XRP or hate it, just pray they win or who knows which currency could be next

  38. George Michaels

    The SEC/Ripple farce should end now and XRP price to moon!

  39. XRP reaching 3$ is farfetched… Not in lifetime

  40. MyW1feNowDAVE

    Thanks guys for update. Didn’t receive notification from YouTube for this video. Clicked link through Twitter to view.

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