New 3 Rules for Beginner Streamers & When To Put Up a Donation Button w/ Ninja

In Ninja’s first lesson on growing your Twitch Stream, he discusses the three rules all beginners should keep in mind + when is the appropriate time to put up a donation button?

A lot of streamers struggle with the idea of when to put up a donation button, and the truth is, most of them put it up too soon.

Watch the full video here





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  1. ATubOfLard Smile


  2. This is the only Ninja video with few views cause he is not being toxic here

  3. Go follow my twitch zipp_chezzy

  4. thank you ninja u just opened my eyes

  5. Y does his eyes look different in this video?

  6. My sister made me put my dono page because she thought I was good at games and wanted me to livestream. But seriously, does anyone else get so ass when they have people watch them??

  7. I’m live on Twitch – Watch me at

  8. I Got a donation on my second day so idk

  9. Hm

  10. ninjaaaaaa

  11. Dang 🙂

  12. Ta3zer Gaming

    Ninja look high af

  13. Lmfao Ninja….Thats not how shit like this works. Your stream blowing up depends on two things: Timing & luck. You think you actually “grinded” and “worked hard” to become so popular? You hit a niche (fortnite) at exactly the right time. You were already a “professional” gamer, you never streamed “for the people” you streamed for a living, for yourself & your leech gf. If it was “for the people” you wouldn’t get so fucking butthurt about people posting your clips. 100% money driven. Not saying its bad. You know that you can be the BEST player at x y z games but if the games not the current flavor of the month it doesn’t matter. You think your some sort of genius now that you have money – but well see in 6 months when some new game takes over.

  14. CoachRichieJ

    Great video source! i enjoy having fun streaming playing games with great friends

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