New 6 Ways To Attract Clients As A Mortgage Broker

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You asked me how to get clients as a mortgage broker. In today’s video, we will focus on realtors, real estate attorneys, and home loan applicants as your target clients. And I’m here to share 6 STRATEGIES to get these real estate clients.

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Make use of your natural network database. The people who know you should know what you do so that they can use your services or refer other people to you.

Make sure that you do some speaking engagements and seminars to educate your potential customers about your field and how to refinance their homes.

If you write monthly articles in trade journals for realtors, financial advisors, or other professions, you’ll also want to leverage on customers from those pools.

Developing relationships with realtors and real estate attorneys is a great idea, and what better way to do it than to interview successful realtors on a weekly podcast? Start conversations that can showcase your credibility and the value that you can add to them and their clients.

Making how-to videos and building a Facebook group or community are also effective ways to build relationships with prospective clients. This will help you stay top-of-mind.

There’s also one thing you should NEVER do when looking to get more real estate clients as a mortgage broker. Stay with me until the end of the video to know what it is.

00:00 – Introduction: How to attract clients as a mortgage broker
01:18 – Who is your potential target audience?
02:26 – Go through your natural network database.
03:52 – Set up some speaking engagements and educational events.
06:14 – Consider writing some articles.
07:08 – Podcasting with realtors as an effective way to build relationships
07:48 – FREE Gift from Dave: The Revenue Roadmap
08:48 – Creating how-to videos
09:30 – Why you need to do focused advertising
10:07 – The one thing you should NEVER do to get clients as a mortgage broker



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  2. Great video. This is the second one you've done for mortgage brokers. Do you have a lot of people in that industry as clients?