New [7/21/21] VA-Accredited Attorney Answers Viewer Disability Questions

We are nationwide VA-Accredited Disability Lawyers helping veterans get the rightful benefits they deserve. Tune in most Wednesdays afternoon get answers for your pressing disability questions LIVE.

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Attorney Carol Ponton – Founding Partner of Hill and Ponton, PA

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  1. umoja selassie

    Thanks for the info.,

  2. Geronimo Stine

    I’ve presently have a lawyer litigating my claim and was wondering if I can fire him and retain my records and not have to 12 years

  3. Why if VA and SSA are both government offices the SSA don't take in consideration the 100% P&T to qualify the veteran to get the approval of the SSA benefits.I am a 100% P&T with one condition rated at 100% plus 80% in other conditions,but I've been denied the SSA 2 times

  4. Is the app you spoke of to see the BVA cases available to anyone?

  5. Jon Stewart and John Feel. We need these guys to help us with PTSD, the other disability that's being denied…

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    Lee Hendrix

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