New 95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme for First Time Buyers

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95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme for First Time Buyers

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**** Show Notes, and Resources ****

95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme for First Time Buyers

– 95% mortgages with a 5% deposit
– 95% Mortgage Guarantee scheme
– How to qualify for a 95% mortgage guarantee scheme
– When they are available
– Who they are available to
– How to apply

***Quick affordability calculation***

Income (single or joint) – liabilities x 4.5 = mortgage amount

Example. 50,000 (joint income) – 2,400 (£200 per month loan payment x 12) x 4.5 = £214,200

*Liabilities – When calculating liabilities use 5% of total credit card balances
X 12 – (minus) Loan/HP monthly payments X 12

Ignore loans with less than 6 months to run

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**** About This Video **** In this video Alex Kerr from Mortgage Chain, who specialises in mortgages for first time buyers discusses…..

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  1. Nobody is talking about the fact that properties, especially here in Edinburgh are being sold 40 K over the home value. So people like me that has 10 or 15% deposit still need to take a 5% deposit in order to secure a tiny house that although it is worth 170 K, the demand it is so high that people are willing to pay a lot more in order to secure it

  2. hi so i have some credit card debt even though its quite a bit never missed a payment always pay more then minimum and pay early is that considered bad credit or is that ok (my income is more then 5x my payments on the cards ) ive always thought that is seen negativly however whatever video i watch you guys describe people who dont pay / missed payments so im guessing im not bad credit right ?

  3. This is certainly good news. Hope I might be able to start looking to get my first house sooner and later.

  4. Hi Alex does the 95%mortgage apply to those people that have inheritance money from your parents home?

  5. Hi Alex
    I've been told that having a car on a hire purchase agreement heavily reduces my chances of getting a mortgage. Also how would I go about getting one if I'm the only one working ?

  6. My only concern with this is that the monthly payments will be extremely high! So for example I pay around £800 a month for rent, but when I used a mortgage calculator putting down down 5% on a £235,000 house it was either the same as my rent or more!

    Which then makes you rather go down the help to buy route as the monthly payments are alot less, which is annoying as I'd rather own a house outright than have to keep owing back to another 'lender' the government!

    I'm just irritated as I'm at the stage where I can look at a help to buy house but with the 95% mortgages coming back it's also making me now go on the fence.

    How long till we fully know what is going on or how long will the rates be so high for? Because you could wait and then miss out on a new build house as they are going fast too! – if you couldn't tell, this is stressing me out, rather than making me excited!

  7. Hi Alex, if I have enough to do a 10% deposit, should I continue down that route? These 5% ones have turned my head a little as there doesn’t seem as many loopholes as the help to buy scheme, but would value your opinion!

  8. Hi just a question would there be any other reason why you may rejected for help to buy equity loan obvs reason if your not first time buyer but any other reason

  9. Hi Alex I have a ccj from a parking fine which is 3 years old, satisfied over a year ago £197. Always paid my bills on time never missed a payment, is this enough to be rejected for a mortgage?

  10. Can you cover the issue of earning threshold.. to qualify for the scheme…thanks.

  11. Good evening Alex.
    We had an appointment booked for the first day of lockdown for a mortgage.
    So this is great news.
    It helps that we now have some more money. We will be looking next month.
    Fingers crossed.

  12. Thanks Alex, super informative as always 😊 could you tell me what I would need to provide or bring with me as self employed person to a meeting with a mortgage broker.

  13. Hey Alex 🤣, can I move my help to buy isa to another bank? How to claim for this 25%? Need any mortgage advisor to do this? Im first time buyer

  14. Hi Alex most lenders are only offering a mortgage with can only be 4.5x your wage my question is will this apply with new scheme or will it be slighty higher offerings

  15. hey alex, great advice as always. any chance you could cover first time NI mortgages in a video?

  16. Hi Alex great video, I've been waiting for this one! I'm really curious of the interest rate these 95% mortgages will be offered with. Do you have any ideas? Thanks 🙂