New A TRUE HERO – Let's Play – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies – 4 – Playthrough

In today’s Let’s Play of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies walkthrough and playthrough, we meet our new enthusiastic detective for this game, and I unleash my Godot powers once more.

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GAME: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies
AUTHOR: Capcom

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In Dual Destinies, the legal system is bound by the “dark age of the law”, a mentality that has shattered the public’s trust in the courts, sparked by controversial affairs that took place seven years prior. Lawyers on both sides have resorted to numerous unethical and illegal tactics in order to ensure that they come out on top, no matter what the implications, and false charges are commonplace. However, with the suspicions and accusations of fraud that have followed Phoenix Wright for the past seven years put to rest, the Wright Anything Agency is ready to move forward into a new era, aided by a new face who has just joined the firm.


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  1. roninwarriorsfan

    L'belle reminds me of the joker

  2. Apollo: She has a long neck so she would struggle swallowing
    Giraffes: Am I a joke to you?

  3. Gumshoe and Fulbright would be a good duo.

  4. Maddie Hatter

    Oh come now Phoenix isn’t that bad 😂He’s probably the tough love, my protégée has to take the same licks as I did, kind of mentor.

  5. Primaryhoodies

    Belle reminds me of redd white. But I did just play that case recently so that might be why.

  6. meena govindarajan

    49:31 phoenix wright: finally! a worthy opponent! our battle will be legendary!

  7. Star Born Michael Hall


  8. oh god hes coming blackquill is coming

  9. Nero Redmond

    “I’m having a hard time reading this guy”

    oh boy..

  10. "Why go from blackmail to murder?"

    Boy doesn't that feel familiar?

  11. *daddy's cumming*

  12. Bet if they told him Apollo’s last name is “Justice” it would have REALLY sent him off the deep end

  13. DarkLordForte

    This freakn' L'Belle looks like he should be gassing people in Gotham.

  14. I loved this detective XD.

    too bad he is the main villain

  15. "Can't say a flying demon was the killer!" …. anxiously glances at the big tittied woman being channeled by a mere child

  16. "I have a hard time reading this guy and I have no idea why."
    Sometimes Nico astounds me with his psychic ability. Though I did imagine Bobby's voice more high-pitched.

  17. Apollo: Nobody is going to hire a masked lawyer

    Godot: Hold my beer filled coffee

  18. xtremethegreatone

    L' Belle is look like The Joker in version of ace attorney.

  19. A FORMER pro wrestler -_-

  20. I nearly choked when I saw the title and what the thumbnail was :'D

  21. Gretchen Goebel

    The tails on a mythical fox actually represent age 1 tail=100 years

  22. "it's hard to read this guy, dunno why" Nico 's already figuring out the big stuff eh ;D

  23. In Justice We Trust… Indeed in Apollo Justice we trust….

  24. Kain Hoogerdyk

    new detective boi: the chief prosecutor (sorry if spelt wrong) assigned him to it
    me: miles why

  25. Alessandra Germano

    When is miles goin to appear i miss my boy 😣

  26. Let me guess…. the flying Tenma in the newspaper is a kite, LOL.
    And I couldn't help but be distracted by the ring of keys dangling on Filch's neck. I wouldn't be surprised if this so-called missing master key is actually in one of those.

  27. Apollo sounds like an angsty teen

  28. I'm french and this "L'Belle" is a fucking insult to us -_-

  29. IncogNEET O'

    aww i wanted the prosecuter to be kristoph

  30. 42:38 PERFUME!

  31. Luke Falciani

    Clearly I read that sentence wrong. I read the sentence “that is unless you’ve faced a convicted killer serving hard time a prosecutor before.” And went, “ok so are we seeing the return of/ someone related to von karma or Kristoph Gavin?”

  32. Luke Falciani

    At least gumshoe willingly shared info in return for his somewhat arrogant attitude…

  33. “I’m having a hard time reading this guy” that is because he doesn’t have emotions

  34. breakfast squad

    It's pronounced toorism, not turism

  35. Theo Aremevano

    Okay, I was disappointed at first not seeing Ema again, but Detective Fullbright is every bit as awesome. I love this guy already. XD

  36. sandra sierra

    Athena and Apollo should get giggity and make super babies O. O

  37. sandra sierra

    Gumshoe hopefully will be missed I literally put gumshoes full name to see his bio if he make a return in new on going games and he didn't show up in Google Search at all in auto search box not even in the browser I had to type in Phoenix Wright wiki. Only the other characters showed up in the box no love for gumshoe! Maybe . Doesn't seem poeple search him much.
    Gumshoe: wahhhhhhhh!

  38. Kenneth Baker

    Bobby Fulbright for the next council of voices!

  39. Hannani Fakharuzzaman

    The new detective kinda looks like Debeste… wait….



    if only… 🙁

  40. Does Florent remind anyone else of the Joker?

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