New ABC News Live Update: Attorney General Garland reacts to Chauvin guilty verdict

Plus, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland launches an investigation into Minneapolis police practices, and the impact of George Floyd’s death on the country.


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  1. Vita thervil

    You want to know the truth about police officers….reach out to the neighborhoods they patrol…..pull the complaints of people brought towards them. Paper trail.

  2. THANK YOU 🙏🏽 for having the brilliant and wonderful ♥️ Dr. Wizdom Powell on to speak about the trauma caused by the evil that is racism. Many Black Americans are experiencing Complex PTSD because of it. It’s utterly exhausting to experience aggressions on a daily basis due to one’s color and it’s absolutely terrifying to see Black men, women and children execv+ed by cops (& so frequently) and w/o consequences. Additionally, there are white (non-racist) Americans who are experiencing mental tension due to the intensified racism in America.

    American citizens really need to heal from the effects of generational trauma that the US Government has caused and allowed.

  3. It's amazing what color is as Derek Chauvin white man ex-cop puts his hands behind his back to be handcuffed like a man should and then George Floyd black man drug addict fights the cops to his death just imagine where would be if George Floyd did that.

  4. King Derrick Danquah

    The System Is Guilty Should Be Held Accountable Same Gos For The Police Department So Governor Do Your Job

  5. michael anderson

    And about the sentencing for that police officer I believe that judge will give him the less amount of time as possible and I've always heard in Minnesota that with good behavior you do half the time .

  6. michael anderson

    My comment might sound a little stupid but is the truth I can remember long before, George Floyd, I remember saying to myself that if there's a white police officer that wants to shoot an unarmed black man and get away with it come to Minnesota ,God ,is my witness I remember saying that to myself several times .

  7. Investigate DeJoy for sabotaging our postal service and mail in ballot system, investigate Brett Kavanagh for his lies and crimes and Barr for making Mueller ending the Trump investigation.

  8. Martha Wilkerson

    Abt time the police are investigated!!!

  9. Bout time nigga

  10. WHO CARES!

  11. Brutus Smithers

    Deep state garland

  12. Luis Martinez

    Junkie worship to push a race hoax

  13. Extremism within the police and military ranks maybe why US troops are still stationed in Germany?

    Are they writing travel logs? Learning to be Nazis? Elvis was stationed there 60 years ago.

    How much has the US spent on the 76 years extremist training holiday since GI Blues?

    Let's hope the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act is followed through.

  14. Blacks WakingUP!

    It should be a public CRY for Ending Immunity for All public held jobs(politicians) if their Bad Policy damages Anyone(citizens) then that person sues The politician not The City ( suing the city is really suing yourself and all the citizens who live their) Make Public Officials REALLY think before implementing BAD damaging policies! Yes yes yes! In every city all the way to Congress!

  15. Blacks WakingUP!

    Crypto is criminal! It will drop like a balloon ! The! global.bankers will make that clear! If it seems too hood! It is! We’re out

  16. Be Well Everyone.

    Have some pudding….

  17. Donald Hines

    Is that Lady a real person or some kind of Avatar? I’m not joking or poking fun at anyone. I mean the eyebrows look like some kind of cartoon. Her head looks like the hair was photoshopped over a bald head but not connected. You can see a mile up her nose. If this is some new App I never heard of or am I just seeing things because of the bong?🥸

  18. Nonya Bizness

    why are they showing photos of military soldiers suited up for war while talking about the minneapolis police department?

    oh, wait….

  19. hunter norton

    All news and government officials who supported this need to be executed for treason

  20. The is no subatomic racism in this country only morons

  21. Election Thief mind rot Joe is a stain on this country and must be removed!

  22. Release Derek Chauvin Trial by Lynch mob used as a Scapegoat

  23. all Corporate media are conspiring By Manufacturing Consent, cancele culture all over again!🤔

  24. Harold Plante

    George Floyd, an unwilling martyr, but a worldwide icon of unity & hope. He fits the Catholic criteria for canonization. St. George Floyd has a nice ring to it!

  25. YouTube straight deleting the dislikes on all news channels. 😂

  26. Harold Plante

    Chauvin had a pattern of abuse of force.

  27. Will there be any investigation into the actions of PEOPLE and how THEY deal with police?

    All this talk about police reform, how about a little PEOPLE reform?

    How about making it a part of the conversation to NOT commit crimes.
    But if you have to commit a crime, when the police go to arrest you, do not fight them or try to injure them or kill them.

    None of that ever seems to be part of the conversation.

    PEOPLE reform.

  28. Harlord rice

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  29. US population 328M
    Number of people killed by police in the US in 2019 = 1,099 people
    Combined population of Canada – Netherlands – New Zealand – Germany – England/Wales – Japan – Iceland = 328M
    COMBINED TOTAL number of people killed by police in all of those countries in 2019 = 57 people… enough said…

  30. Albert Daniel

    Despite the economic crisis,this is still the good time to invest in stocks,Gold and crypto.

  31. Tashayia Bell

    AMEN 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💯💯💯😭😭😭😭🇦🇺🇦🇺MR AG

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