New Ace Attorney but Baby Plushies Take Over

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The Plushies invade the courtroom.


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Song: Waterflame – Toy Soldiers Orchestral

Inspired by the great woutmees


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  1. Videos are finally back. An actual video coming out soon (longer than 2 milliseconds dw)

  2. Me trying to find the meaning of life:
    After this video: I have reached enlightenment

  3. Plushies will run the courtroom better tbh. imagine getting sent to prison by a 2 inch tall plush

  4. They are gonna take over the ace attorney universe with their cuteness don't they?

  5. Ah, yes. After Youtube put the Pearl video in my recommended, they recommend this one as well weeks later. This is a sign to sub.

  6. Maya, Edgeworth, Phoenix and Apollo`s plushies are perfect. They just ruined Franziska and Trucy and Pearl look awful. Godot is bleah, AND THEY HAD TO MAKE KLAVIER OF ALL PPL SQUINTED! And when will we get an Athena plushie? I love how Maya`s plushie is so cheerful!

  7. Ace attorney contempt of court plot intensifies XD also spoiler for a fangame lol