New Ace Attorney Characters Argue Whether Tricky is Good or Evil

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Three figures. Two viewpoints. One courtroom.

Waking up in a familiar location, Mia Fey and Manfred Von Karma (and a judge) are confronted by Tricky, who shows them the entirety of Madness Combat as context for the argument of whether Tricky is on the side of good or on the side of evil. Forced to debate for an ambiguous punishment, which side will prevail?

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  1. Tricky sues himself and forcing everyone to decide whether he's a bad or a good person, what a mad lad.

  2. Tricky is good because in the begin he like music and god force him to fight and then he become evil

  3. tricky is having a mental dilemma he's trying to say "i'm good guy……RIGHT!?" but he doesn't believe it so he goes to court to be judged…….but he's tricky so he get's bored and……there goes judge.

  4. If I had to give a verdict, I’d go with von Karma. Everything he said actually made sense, and Mia based her points off of emotion rather than actual facts.

  5. Tricky isn't good or evil, he's just there to do what amuses him, he is the clown after all!

  6. I'm still waiting for the moment when deimos and sanford show up in the ace attorney universe

  7. for me that depend the point of view
    i will turn mad too if someone fuse a high technology (the improbability driver) in my brain and a dude (hank) kill me twice before i turn into a fire demon

  8. calling it finally now,judge will be revived and another arguement or something will happen because judge will refuse to give the verdict.

  9. Of course tricky is a good person, who can’t deny that little grin, + not everyone is perfect

  10. Nul trickys kinda an anti hero. He does some good stuff but only for his own benefit

  11. Tricky is the good person. He’s just trying to get revenge on Hank for killing him.