New Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth -23- The Hiding Spot

Wow.. Just WOW what a case. Please leave all your spoiler free tips and tricks down below! I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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  1. I can't help but feel a little sorry for Patricia D:

  2. 23:40 It truly is “The Dark Age of the Law” when an acting magistrate can take it upon themself to assume the role of a high priestess and declare legal matters on the same level as divine will. In any other situation she would be stripped of her position, and possibly declared insane.

  3. Keerthi Vasan

    Hey! I am really enjoying your series I actually just finished watching all your Let's Play videos for the Ace Attorney Trilogy games!! I was wondering if you would start dual destinies and sprit of justice after you finish investigation series

  4. Why are people pissed at you gasping? It’s so cute and genuine! Don’t apologize for that!!!

  5. Who doesn't like you gasping at moments of realization? I love those moments!

  6. I think the Investigations 2 fan translation has a really bad audio bug during the opening of the next case, so heads up

    Unless they patched it, but I forget

  7. carpal_tunnel_of_love

    How could somebody NOT like Lucah’s gasps of insight? I went back and listened to it again because I was just as mindblown after she explained it 😂

  8. Something very fun about the warden's breakdown: at first, you can hear Dogen's bells sound every time he's mentioned. Every time she says "Dogen"/"Him" the little "ting" sound goes off
    But eventually she literally breaks down, and the bell's ring is replaced by a buzzing prison alarm. Crisis, a desperate and dangerous situation. I can easily imagine that was what was going on in her head every time she saw Dogen around. A paranoia building over all this time that culminated in the murder of Knightley.

  9. Everyone who is still blind, get ready, the game only gets better non-stop from now on

  10. To be fair to Justine, the job of a prosecutor is to pursue the defendant to the end. The whole idea is that both sides throw all the evidence they have at one another to try to win so as long as both sides are competent and neither are cheating, the winner should be the one on the side of truth. Edgeworth teaming up with phoenix is basically double teaming witnesses and can be seen as failing in due process and could lead to a retrial.

  11. Lucah, your gasps of sudden realization are one of the biggest reasons i love your videos!!!

  12. Who in the right mind is pissed off by the gasps?

  13. Xenophacilus

    I love the genuine gasps of realization

    Without a face cam, it's a good way of showing Surprise xD

  14. 16:58 'a blind spot in this animal-fiigaaaaaAAAASSSPPPP????' ← A+ moment right there. Exactly what I came to see. Truly some good fucking food for the soul

    (Anyone who gets pissed off by those lightbulb gasps is lying, they're always the PERFECT reaction that someone who is introducing a piece of media to someone else is dying to see)

  15. Youtube시청용

    I'm soooo excited to see the next three cases because they're just EPIC!! (My favorite case among all the AA series is AAI2-5 so I'm just waiting for that XD)

  16. GameKeeper28

    First Shelly De Killer appeared in the first chapter, then we got Frank Sahwit and Regina Berry in the second chapter; I wonder if any more familiar faces are gonna show up this game.

  17. CL creations

    Dont be ashamed lucha! Your loud gasps are one of the best things in the LP.

  18. Christopher Bartsch

    The Crocodile Reveal is one of the best in any case. They give you all the set-up but it never fully clicks until the very end. I had a very similar reaction to Lucah when I first played this case. Out of nowhere but it makes total sense

  19. R van bergen

    I love the gasps. They're part of the reason I come to you. Don't apologize for them.

  20. Facade Kitsune

    Le gasp

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