New Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth -27- Grumpy Old Men

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It’s time to lay the slapdown on Dracula himself! Please leave all your spoiler free tips and tricks down below! I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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  1. "My hat is proof of my profession!" – Delicia

    "ANyone can buy that hat…" – Gregory


  2. For a second there, I thought that Delicia was gonna show her *adge.

  3. Aww dang Lucah only needed bout 2 more mins of video to reach the next to be continued part LOL.

  4. 19:03 The theme song is sort of a joint theme between Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma, as they both have it used for their big appearances across the series. It's admittedly kind of jarring for it to be used for Manfred von Karma, but they probably chose it due to the influence he had on both Miles and Franziska, as the two now are practically siblings in all but blood.

  5. "Don't worry guys, I've just been on 2 hours of sleep."
    WHA- That's PLENTY reason to worry, Lucahjin!! Please, take time to rest!

  6. Huh, just like Heff T. in Paper Mario TTYD- accused of murder when he really just wanted to eat stuff.
    The highest pay grade in the legal department, and absolute authority over the detectives AND crime scenes… I know this is old hat by now, but no wonder people want to be Prosecutors in this messed-up fictional world. I wonder how much their salary gets affected by how many guilty verdicts they get?

  7. Actually, the track in question “The Great Return” was first used in AA Justice For All, the second game in the series, and explicitly accompanied Miles and his… well, his return in the finale of that game.

  8. Well, Delicia is not a real chef, but she's really good for decoration and makes an excellent cream apparently, that's something

  9. Semi spoilers for the end of the video

    Luca literally stopped right before the "to be continued" for this part.

  10. 18:55

    The theme is called Great Revival. Both Edgeworth and Franzy use this theme, however, their intros are different. And this version is definitely Franzy's.

  11. Pretty irrelevant question but are we still getting a huniepop 2 let’s play

  12. In the present, I can imagine Miles stopping Ray to ask him why he felt the need to mention a conversation about a ladder in his story. Ray tells him it was a "step"-ladder. Miles asks what's the difference. Then Miles goes on a tangent on how Ray needs to stop judging things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions.

  13. 12:44 Ah yeah. Shocked Edgeworth into "Hell Yeah" Edgeworth, My favorite sprite in Ace Attorney Investigations series.

  14. I love how is ALWAYS Badd the one who brings up cream and makes Lucah laugh

  15. I've always wanted to grill Dracula about candy castles and rainbows

  16. hi lucah!!
    the chances of you seeing this is small but i just wanna say you've been such a big part of my life, i've watched you since i was a little kid and your super paper mario playthrough came out and you're my favorite youtuber/streamer :0 your playthroughs are really fun to watch, to the point i prefer watching them over playing the actual game
    stay safe!! EVAPORATES

  17. what i like with von karma here is, when he is cought off guard / sweat, his pose is diffrent then what he is used in the first game or in the first investigations since he wasent shot at that point, he still cross his arms and tug on his sleeve though but its not relevent for being shot it seems.

  18. Of course we all know your age, Lucah. We've seen the screenshots.

    You're 12 and always have been.

  19. The tradition of stopping an episode right before a "too be continued" grows stronger folks