New Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth -52- Her Assistance

Y’all this is getting too intense. I KNEW there had to be something else! I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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  1. Patricia Raab

    Did no one notice Karin proved Kay was not the murderer? She said she helped the conductor hide the body in the trunk, and then later they went back for it together, and found Kay by the ladder. If Kay and and the killing conductor are in the same room, obviously Kay is not the killer!

  2. Its cool to see this. I'm curious are u thinking of playing chronicles? It's really food

  3. Ask the nurse if the auctioneer ever whipped out a zippo for no reason; that could narrow down the suspects.


  5. Bandicoot720

    Out of curiosity, anyone know what interaction comes up if you pick Courtney’s gavel? Lol

  6. Runningon Cylinders

    I'm gettin some real "track record" envy.

  7. John Joubran


  8. Rainbow the Yoshi

    Lucah, you're nearing 666 likes as of this comment

  9. Never apologize for the gasps. I've said it before and I will say it again: they are money. The highlight of these LPs

  10. VGBC P3rs0na

    1:29 Skyrim guards: “No lollygaggin’!”

  11. "A doctor's only as good as the length of their [REMOVED TO CONFORM TO LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL CENSORSHIP LAWS]"

  12. 31:05 best line of the case 😂😂😂

  13. BucketListMod

    "'Postmortem' and 'antemortem' sound kinda similar, don't they?" "SHE'S A FUCKING NURSE, DUDE"
    Thank god you had the same reaction as me, Lucah LMAO.

    I also get deeply heated when Blaise in the room, don't worry about it. I wonder if that was intentional for the pun on the translator's/writer's part?

  14. My thoughts on the video:
    -Maybe if they got it right the first time, the doctors wouldn’t be here right now
    -Blaise is gonna get karma’d at some point
    – I imagine if you get something wrong in the medical field, it’s gonna be a huge problem. I’m just guessing.
    -I mean, gotta keep identities secret, ya know?
    -Franziska coming to save the day!
    -Give Gumshoe a freaking raise!
    -Time for U P D A T E D A U T O P Y R E P O R T

  15. Smashed Tomatoes

    How is blaise not shivering? He's got fucking Edgeworth, franzy and Justine literally on his fucking case. That's 2 prodigy prosecutors and the left hand of his own god damned organization.

  16. Forever Zero

    13:31 For a split second we get to see Granny's eyes without her glasses and it's probably one of the most cursed things ever in an Ace Attorney game

  17. "I will definitely expose…."

    Lucah, how could you pass up that opportunity 🙁

  18. #LucahGasp for life.

  19. Grovajl Yukari

    Poor Lotta, she doesn't realize she would be murdered too if she was discovered.

  20. Judge Courtney is definitely lawful neutral.

  21. FeenieVonKarma

    31:13 okay this part got me down bad, the fact that Lucah just said "you put it up your ass, didn't you" and Edgeworth goes "he's completely confident that we won't find it….!" I don't know, I just lost it 😂😂😂😂

  22. What will you play when Edgeworth Investigations is finished? Will you continue on to the next Phoenix Wright game, The Great Ace Attorney, Something else?

  23. I totally forgot about franziska coming in with the eleventh hour evidence that turned out to be completely unhelpful. Such a great moment

  24. CheerUp Crewcut

    Given all of what we learned this time, the only mysteries we have are why Karin was an accomplice, she seems to have done it for granny but we don't know why specifically, and the deal with Kay seeing a floating figure approaching. Her memories indicate she was under the tree, yet something feels wrong about that…

    There's also "Who was the culprit" technically but it's pretty safe to say Generic Organization XIII member 4 was most suspicious, obviously, followed by one of Knightley's many stray bullets having flown into the room and knocked the gavel out of the Conductor's hands onto Jill's head.

  25. The Green Dragon 53

    The next episode is going to be big.
    And not just because said episode & I share a number.

  26. Don't apologize about the Gasps. They are easily one of the things that makes you my favourite Youtuber.

  27. Pooja Pathak

    Gumshoe is still best Gumshoe!

    Franziska did great too!

  28. If Karin saw the fainted Kay in the storeroom while she was with the killer, wouldn't that prove Kay's innocence?

  29. Boy the body count in that storeroom just keeps going up and up lol

  30. Lucah is being straight savage to the perps and I love it!

  31. 8-Bit Stream

    Place your bets when it ends, I say it will end on thursday

  32. There's something that I couldn't get tho. Why Dr. Young relayed the autopsy report to Karin? Is it because that was the plan from the beginning? Because she explicitly says "that's what I wrote down from the very beginning" meaning that she at least had written notes about the autopsy, but then changed it to "I properly relayed orally the report to that child", since she already wrote it down then it wouldn't have more sense if she made the report with her notes herself rather than dictating it to Karin, also, if Karin was the one who wrote the report, then why it still had Dr. Young's name? I think she's also in this, and just pretended to be shocked

  33. 8-Bit Stream

    Granny’s cross examination/buttal is probably a contender for the best cross examination/buttal , beaten by maybe Polly or Ben and trilo, in conclusion Granny had the best butt

  34. Karin put the coat on Jill Crane without the Conductor's knowing, eh? I already see the writing on the wall, that's what's gonna do our "conductor" in.

  35. Celeste LaScala

    Blaise is a jerk, and thank goodness Franzy showed up. Not so much the evidence, though that's important, but the Interpol angle means she can go over his head and catch him.

    Obviously Kay being innocent is Miles' goal, but even if Kay is treated as the culprit, Franzy will keep investigating and get that firebug.

    But also, like, Karin's testimony is that she saw the Conductor, who is the culprit, at the same time as she saw the unconscious Kay, as in, they can't be the same person.

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for beardo mac lighter.

  36. J-Anne Bonne

    31:06 “Good luck finding the weapon!”
    Lucah: “What’d you do…”
    Me: “BURN IT!?”
    Lucah: “Shove it up your ass?”
    Me: “…I’m not sure why I expected any different.”

  37. 28:35 Edgeworth came at these words.

  38. Apologies In Advance

    "This girl is an accomplice? What's your basis?" is the same as "Prove this shape is a triangle"

  39. the only thing i like more than Lucahjin uploading a video, especailly ace attorney ones, are her gasps of realisation. 😀

  40. Cerulean Seal

    Another day, another #LucahGasp that gives me life

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