New Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth -69- Tragedy Finale (The Movie)

What an ending and WHAT A GAME! I hope everyone enjoyed this journey with me as much as I have! Thank you so much for watching, and please look forward to the next Let’s Play!

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  1. Well there we go! The best Ace Attorney game in the series. It was a great ride 🙂

  2. Sam Milksword

    Sorry I'm late. This let's play was absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad I got to experience Lucah's reactions to one of my favourite games of all time.

  3. im simping for a clown. this cannot be happening

  4. justcallmejay

    It's my sleepover and mom says I get to pick the movie

  5. guyincognito22

    Just discovered your channel lucahjin! Can't wait till you do a playthrough of TGAAC.

  6. Sam Ziegelman

    Simon gives me significant Kefka vibes, backed up by the fact that he won. He got what he wanted.

  7. PNut Brittle

    Loved this series!!!

  8. coolsebastian

    Amazing LP! You're the greatest!

  9. You’re kind of right about possibly being disappointed by future AA games 😛 imo Trials & Tribulations and the newly translated Great Ace Attorney are the only two other games in the series that hold a candle to this game.

    (Shout out to Conflict of Interest, a fan game that comes close imo too)

  10. Kikkatar .The Great

    If Kay and Maya met then the world will collapse under the weight of sheer chaos.
    Enjoy your break!

  11. Really enjoyed this, and really impressed by your voice acting, with so many characters coming in and out in the last episodes. Also, so glad Gummy got a raise!

  12. Margesh Phirke

    Ahhhhhh 999 let's play!!! That's amazing! It's one of my favorites

  13. Sara Fontanini

    I sstill hope that one day Lucah tries the following games:

    -Hiveswap Friendship Simulator
    -Banjo Tooie
    -Ghost Trick

  14. Cherry icecream

    hi horsemom

  15. If I remember correctly, Detective Gumshoe mentioned getting a raise in AJ. A couple weeks after this.

  16. OH MY GOD this was amazing. By the way, Simon's transformation thing reminded me of Matt Engarde, anyone else? Thank you Lucah for being amazing and having amazing voice acting, reactions, and of course gasps. And thank you to capcom and the translaters and localizers for doing such an amazing job. This was great!!

  17. Seth Hawkins

    I feel like this game is better than the first one.

  18. Austin Guest

    Why do these games ALWAYS make me cry?!?!

    (I posted this before the episode ended. The image at the end of Gregory and miles made me start crying again.)

  19. BucketListMod

    To answer why this was never brought to the states for you, Lucah: Bad Timing. The game came out in JPN right near the end of the regular DS's lifespan, only 23 days before the 3DS was released, so the time it would have taken to localize to US meant the 3DS games would already have been in full swing. It's unfortunate business, but thankfully nothing to do with quality or the game itself being considered undesirable for any reason

  20. Isabella Martin


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  21. Lucah: "this is my favorite ace attorney game"
    me: This finale can't get any better

    Also Lucah: the next LP is 999

    If you are reading this Lucahjin, I can't wait for your to fall in love with that series. And to top it all off I hope you stick around to it's sequel "virtue's last reward" because that sequel is a fucking blast (that and edgeworth investigations 2 are tied for my favorite games of all times to put it into perspective)

  22. Oh man, seeing your reactions to this was a BLAST. Love you Lucah

  23. Sri Lankan Flyer

    Hopefully you'll play AA 5 it's an ok game but our boy Phoniex makes a triumphant return.

  24. The Green Dragon 53

    Now if only they'd give these two games the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles treatment.

  25. BucketListMod

    There were a couple of things about this ending with that really struck me:
    1) Dogen escaped from prison almost exclusively to protect Simon… and he's the only one that ever did. In many ways, he's the only father Simon ever had, and that bond is oddly healthier than most other relationships seen in this game.
    2) Simon's laughing sprite being very, very similar to Gustavia's brings to mind how many sprites of children in this series mimic their parents, both real (Edgeworth/Gregory, Franzie/Manfred) and symbolic (Edgeworth/Manfred, Ray/Gregory)
    And 3, which struck me most) Simon said he was so scared of Patricia and Blaise, constantly running from them finding him, that he couldn't sleep.. And he used an extremely powerful sleeping drug, Sleepy zZz, to kidnap Kay and John. He probably had to use that drug himself because he was so afraid, without it it was impossible for him to get any rest.

    Most of these are small details that the creators had no guarantee the audience would even notice, but they still put it in anyway. It makes me think of how a writing teacher told me that 80% of what you write, your audience will never see. It's just for you, to keep your character, story, and world consistent. But damn, is it heartbreaking in this case.

  26. When is she playing Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice? I've been waiting for those

  27. ǝɹɐɯʇɥᵷᴉu evergreen

    simon did nothing wrong tbqh

  28. CL creations

    hey I love your content too!

  29. 1:54:57 definitely the sound I expect from Lucahjin in '69' themed video.

  30. Didn’t watch this LP but I am intrigued to watch 999 it sounds interesting from what I’ve read

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