New Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth -14- The Wolf Man

Lots of new players are lining up in our game and I’m not sure how to feel about them!

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  1. Can I just point out how awkward it must be for edgeworth, first Franciscka and now this old man talk to him, refer him, and treat him as "Manfred's disciple" and yet Manfred killed his father, bore a grudge against him for accidentally shooting him, and framed him for murder

  2. Kay is lovely, but Gumshoe is too precious to me and if it were me I would want gumshoe instead of Her.

  3. JMtheSmartAlec

    You had a way more positive reaction when Meekins was revealed…mine was “god fucking damn it not him!!!” Lol

  4. Tara Noodles

    I'm sorry but-
    2:44 WE HAD A BONDING MOMENT! I cradled you in my arms!

  5. Мария Харитонова

    agent lang is fuyuhiko, and shi-na is peko. and you know it

  6. First Name Last Name

    11:45 Who is Kay faraday referencing in the video

  7. SamTheMarioMan

    7:11 "It's been a while since I last met someone so disagreeable." Yeah, last time that happened was one chapter ago!

  8. Quirky Honor

    I can't unsee Wolverine xD

  9. carmen sadiego's hat

    hey guys so did Lucah finally head out some destined way and find a certain blue suited guy?

  10. tenaciously Mediocre

    Maybe the thing with Agent Lang is like Godot and Phoenix. Lang thinks that Edgeworth could’ve saved his partner but didn’t.

  11. Карина Т.

    If I remember correctly Shifu means something like "teacher" in chinese

    I think Zhenguo Fa is a reference to Chinese culture cause Its sounds like Chinese name as well as the names of Lang and his helper

  12. Aww man of course Lucah doesn't like my fave character lmaoo

  13. I learnd about lucky horse-shoes! Nice! 🙂

  14. Yeah, that song that comes in around 7:30 is great. Very “Famicom Detective Club”.

  15. i am a cactus. there's a cactus in this game. i'm in this game.

  16. Earnest: I only knew my son was in serious danger because he called me daddy in a panic, that hasn’t happened in years…
    Lucah: Y U C K

  17. Deceptive Coffee

    The cactus farm from the precinct I think is from that cowboy detective from the first Phoenix Wright game in the fifth case.

  18. Edgeworth slid down on the pole 😄😄😄😄🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  19. 1Starfletcher

    Shi Long Lang is actually one of my favorite Ace Attorney characters, just because of his abrasive personality 😛

  20. Adam Cormier

    Miles Edgeworth said Furry Rights

  21. Guilherme Tavares

    for a moment I thought the badger was going to be Oldbag…

  22. Aaron Goddard

    Man the word daddy''s gotten so corrupted that my future kids are going to have to call me or BRUH or something

  23. In the real world, Interpol doesn't have agents. They're not actual police.

  24. "You shouldn't go around counting your money in public, you're gonna get robbed!"

    With all these police around?

  25. Serah Highwind

    “He hasn’t called me Daddy in ages.”
    ~Lucahjin 2020

  26. Aonic person


  27. spectrumTwelve

    as soon as the badger did that weirdly cocked upward salute i knew it was meekins aw ya love to see it

  28. Fanatic Foremem

    fun fact about Lang, the character designer fought to get this specific character design approved for several games. He had to tweak some things to finally get it allowed: Originally he had an open shirt to show a scar in the shape of some constellation(little or big dipper I think, probably a fist of the north star reference), and his sunglasses were originally two eyepatches. I belive he tried this design for godot, but don't quote me on that, I just know that he really liked this character design and took some time to finally get it approved.

  29. Shade Knight

    It's really sad that Meekins is aiming for the lowest bar imaginable for a detective and it's still too tall for him to clear.

  30. Ah, Lang. He'll grow on you, I promise.

  31. Newbie Gamelover

    I notice that Gumshoe has some attachment issues, particularly with Edgeworth. They literally had to drag him into following orders!

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