New Ace Attorney Music Compilation: The Truth [Version 1] 2013

NEW Updated version 2015:
Telling the Truth 2001 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Telling the Truth 2002 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All)
Telling the Truth 2004 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & Tribulations)
Telling the Truth 2007 (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
Confess the Truth 2009 (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth)
Confess the Truth 2011 (Gyakuten Kenji 2)
Announce the Truth 2013 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies)
Announce the Truth (English Court Suite) (Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Announce the Truth 2012 (Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)


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  1. Timestamps!

    0:00 Tell the Truth 2001
    1:15 Tell the Truth 2002
    2:50 Tell the Truth 2004
    4:52 Tell the Truth 2007
    5:47 Confess the Truth 2009
    8:16 Confess the Truth 2011
    11:12 Announce the Truth 2013
    13:25 Announce the Truth (English Court)
    14:01 Announce the Truth 2012

  2. I love them all but i choose T&T because it's remind me of the best breakdown ever and you know what i mean.

  3. MagicalNewsMan: Edits, Bumpers, Promos.

    Top 3: 3. Justice For All 2. Investigations 1. APOLLO JUSTICE BABY!

  4. Matteo Brunetti

    The Apollo Justice Theme remind me Mystery Dungeon music

  5. Ace Attorney Investigations 1 is the best of these themes, in my opinion.

  6. Sophiealicemay

    Why do people hate AAI:2 so much? It's one of my favourites…

  7. Omar-the gamer M

    hold it
    take that
    not so fast
    got it

  8. Mohammed al ghamdi

    this music starts in the exam 🙁

  9. Lia Franchesca

    confess the truth 2011 starts so epic and then………

  10. Andres Velez

    My favorite is still AAI 2009.

  11. Geometry Dash LOL1982

    2001: The truth is there, we just have to find it!
    2002: The truth has to be told, so go on and press!
    2004: You can't handle the truth, because it is as dark as you think!
    2007: You can't run away from the truth!
    2009: Confess the truth, or I'll make you spit it out myself! (Psyche-Locks in a nutshell)
    2011: There is no escape. Either way, you can't run from the dark truth that screams 'it was you!'
    2012 – English Court: (Same as 2001)
    2012 – Witch Trial: The only truth we have to find, is right in front of us!
    2013: The truth is out there, and it's only target is you!
    2015: idk xD

  12. 9.Confess The Truth 2011
    8.Announce The Truth 2012 English Court Suite
    7.Announce The Truth 2012 Witch Trial
    6.Announce The Truth 2013 
    5.Confess The Truth 2009
    4.Tell the Truth 2001
    3.Tell The Truth 2007
    2.Tell The Truth 2004
    1.Tell The Truth 2002

  13. Desper Andos

    Telling the truth 2001: Phoenix finds crucial evidence that can turn this whole case upside down.
    2002: Phoenix makes the witness bluff for the first time, and spouts some crucial evidence.
    2004: Phoenix (or Maya) makes the witness start telling the truth.
    2007 (my personal fav): Cue character breakdown, courtroom starts talking, gavel slams, and "Apollo! What is the meaning of this?"
    Confess the Truth 2009: Edgeworth makes the final statement, and the culprit has the breakdown.
    2011: Edgeworth realizes what REALLY happened at the crime scene.
    Announce the truth 2012: The witness is at his/her last level of sanity!
    2012: Same for telling the truth 2001.

  14. Geometry Dash LOL1982

    I didn't know the Truth was so awesome back in 2002.

  15. Probably gonna get more hate, but whatever.
    7. Apollo Justice (I do not care what you say this is the WORST ONE. No suspense,  no feel of action, no energy. Why do people like this one?)
    6. Dual Destinies (I feel the lack of being played in the game makes it harder for me to enjoy.)
    5. Trials And Tribulations (Is really great, but lacks suspense.)
    4. Ace Attorney Investigations (Has a good amount of suspense, but don't like for some reason.)
    3. Justice for All (Suspenseful, energetic, great song)
    2. Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (Is really suspenseful, and I really like it.)
    1. Ace Attorney (I just can't not put this at number one. I just can't.)
    I rated these mainly on suspense factor, because they should be suspenseful. It's just how they should be.

  16. so 666 likes? even the devil knows wright's the best lawyer ever.

  17. Gerardo Cruz

    Confess the Truth 2009 (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth) MY FAVORITE

  18. These themes are so emotional, especially Investigations'

  19. 8: AJ
    7: AA:I2
    6: DD
    5: AA
    4: T&T
    3: PLvPW
    2: JfA
    1: AA:I

  20. Paul Loebach Jr.

    Who else notices the 5/4 in the 2001, 2004, and 2009 themes?

  21. 5. Tell the Truth – 2001 – Ace Attorney
    4. Confess the Truth – 2009 – Investigations
    3. Announce the Truth – 2013 ~ Dual Destinies
    2. Tell the Truth – 2004 ~ Trials and Tribulations
    1. Tell the Truth – 2002 ~ Justice For All

  22. robertjensen8510

    Best one is Witch trial? Any Objections?

  23. Shelly de Killer

    2009 >> 2001 >>>>>> rest

  24. Ace Attorney: (used in moments when) Phoenix has said something that is seen as a bluff, but could very well be the truth. And he just needs to prove it with some evidence. 
    Justice For all: Everyone starts shitting themselves as the outrageous claims start sprouting from the defence. But it is the only moment where things can be turned around. Has sort of a snow vibe to it. Like imagine playing this in the snow. 
    Trials and Tribulations: The truth and only the truth matters now. And it up to the lawyers and prosecutors to present their evidence. 
    Apollo Justice: The end of the line for the criminals. And when the tables have turned possibly for the worst. 
    Miles Edgeworth: The accused does an over-dramatic breakdown as Edgeworth is standing like… "you killed him/her… Didn't you?"
    Dual Destinies: A decisive theory/evidence has turned heads and everyone is trying to figure out what's going to happen next.

    That's how I feel about each track in each game.

  25. 2004 version sounds like its out of castlevania

  26. My three favorites are:
    3: 2007's Apollo Justice
    2. 2012's Witch Trial
    1. 2002's Justice for All.

  27. Daniel González-Manso

    Ok, is it just me or the DD's theme was played in the game like twice? I just finished it and I barely remember that theme

  28. Top 5 from the 5 main games
    5. Ace Attorney
    4. Dual Destines
    3. Trials and Tribulations
    2. Apollo Justice
    1. Justice for All (Sounds so epic!)

  29. for me the "The Truth" themes are the breakdown themes

  30. Justice for All theme is so BADASS!!!

  31. Objection! Hang on! Have a look! (Witch trial is my favorite)

  32. Edgeworth with glasses looks bad.

  33. I never thought of sixteenth notes as being dramatic or filled with tension. Ace Attorney has proven me so wrong.

  34. My list:
    Can't decide, they are all so good

  35. TheEternalNight

    my favorites in order are

    1 the original
    2 T&T
    3 PL VS PW AA (its also a great game a little bit easier then the original trilogy)
    4 justice for all
    5 2013
    6 2011
    7 2009
    8 2007 (sorry Apollo)

  36. What was your Phoenix Wright Game mind is the first

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