Better version:
Based on BetaPerseiPooper’s Metroid MV.
Also, McMaNGOS’ Fad. Yeah, I’m late.

The visuals took me at least 1 hour. Half an hour for the song Itself and another 30 minutes for rendering (720p, yay). Sony Vegas Pro 8.0.

Sprites and SE ripped from

“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”, “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney” and “Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth” © Capcom.
“Kill EVERYBODY” in “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Sonny Moore (Skrillex), ARR.


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  1. Ariel Vínicius

    I … finally found … after so many years, I found this video…
    aah the nostalgia that I'm feeling
    even though you may not use this account anymore… thanks for posting this video
    it is part of the best time of my life…
    thanks 🙂

  2. just a new comment

  3. XxKikito AnimationsxX

    The part where the guy was playing something like a invisable guitar ( i think thats what it was called? ) was very satisfying lol im not exactly sure why but mmmmmm~ i liked that alot x'D

  4. Larry Butz is guilty

  5. Lucas are you gonna make one in dual destinies or no?

  6. amazing

  7. Love the harmonica part for some reason.

  8. Creeper Lamoureux

    Lol I got a Phoenix write vs proffeser latin add

  9. luiz henrrique


  10. luiz henrrique

     ace attorney é um dos meus jogos favoritos :D

  11. The Fresh Resh of Nowhere

    Question who is the guy with noodles on his head

  12. This is officially my 2nd favorite gaming series. :3

  13. Increíble

  14. Gracias

  15. gaita demaaais

  16. this should be used in the ace attorney Ad's

  17. really great!

  18. MrBubbleShop

    from the first moment that i started to watch this video i was waiting for this moment 00:35! LOL

  19. Ironic enough to me.

  20. Not enough dings… Owo

  21. Marcus Roberts

    It tests your skills of deduction and you're ability to combine evidence and root out lies in a testimony. It's a game about strategy and justice and it taxes your mind.
    It has 7 games and a movie.
    Some people have even studied law and became Lawyers because of this game.

    Worst game how?

  22. Andrew Wishon

    Worst game ever. HOW can you like it?

  23. Marcus Roberts

    could you possibly provide a download link? :3

  24. PSPReviewTech


  25. Muito bom MOvie

  26. Does anyone else think that one of the best parts is when the second Eldoon pops up?

  27. como se puede descargar?

  28. I want to object everyone in the world!

  29. una cosa ¿como pudistes usar la magatama con Kristoph Gavin?

  30. I LOVE the harmonica parts!

  31. Phoenix: OBJECTION, Your Honor!
    Judge: Yes, Mr. Wright?
    Phoenix: A couple of bitches disliked this video! This must not go unnoticed!
    Judge: Why, this is an outrage! GUILTY!

  32. No matter how many times I watch this, it's so epic. I wish there was a ghost trick skrillex YTPMV.

  33. whirled peas


  34. E agora DESLIGA?!

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