New Ace Attorney – Trials And Tribulations | Like A Phoenix! | Part 46 (Switch, Let's Play, Blind)

Ace Attorney – Trials And Tribulations Part 46!
he’s back from the brink of death!


0:00 Intro
0:15 Hotti Clinic
1:50 Back In Action
6:33 von Karma
13:23 Bikini



We follow… Mia!? Yup… Mia as she defends Phoenix Wright for the charge of murder against Doug Swallow. The truth behind this incident gets stranger and Mia’s handling of the case inspires Phoenix to turn to becoming a Defence Attorney! Back in the present, Pheonix is facing off against Gadot, the new lawyer for the prosecution! And this… this is where the fun begins.

Ace Attorney – Trials And Tribulations is available on 3DS, Switch, Xbox One, PC and PS4 (As a Trilogy on everything but 3DS). The gameplay for this playthrough will be captured at 60 FPS on the Nintendo Switch version to take advantage of the higher bitrate on YouTube!

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👨‍⚖️ Ace Attorney – Trials And Tribulations

➤Platforms: 3DS, Switch, Xbox One, PC & PlayStation 4
➤Genre: Visual Novel Legal Drama Adventure Game (Apparently!)
➤Language Options: English, Japanese
➤Publisher: Capcom
➤Developer: Capcom
➤Hashtags: #AceAttorney #PheonixWright #OBJECTION



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  1. UndeadEggmiester

    Honestly it bothers me that for two days they never tried to rescue Maya all in the name of story plot. I mean it makes the game universe feel less alive and more of more of only existing for the sake f the protagonist. And let's face it Maya should be dead by now being in a place that's below freezing for two days with nothing to keep her warm or to eat and drink. And not to mention about poor pearl nosearch team of anything just a 10 yr girl missing on a ice mountain for two days and no one cares.

  2. Two things I love here:
    1) Franziska once more shows bits of genuine concern for Nick's well-being. Despite her animosity, she does care enough about him, as she was very worried when she heard that Nick fell from the bridge, and here again about how Nick didn't think about the burning bridge when crossing, and that worries her because she's thinking that he really could have died for doing something like that.

    2) Sister Bikini here makes it clear that she loves Iris and doesn't want her declared guilty, but as a woman of the cloth, she cannot lie about what she had seen. She doesn't believe that Iris could possibly do something as horrible as murder, but even if her testimony is incriminating, she has to speak the truth of what she had seen.

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