New Achimota School: Lawyer for Rastafarian boys hails high court verdict

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The Human Rights Court 1 Division of the High Court, has ordered Achimota School to admit Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea, the two Rastafarian boys into the school.

Lawyer for the students spoke to the media after the verdict. #CitiNewsroom

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  1. To demand a proven protocol of discipline and behaviour that elevate the image of a school to become admitted into that school has nothing to do with denial of education. The rastafarian are not rejected because of their faith but their refusal to comply to the required existing looks and habits of Achimota SHS. Tomorrow another persons will claim that they would walk barefooted to satisfy their own fabricated religious practice. I am unhappy with some educationalists are already given up over the High Courlt ruling. High Court in not a Supreme Court nor Parliament. High Court Judges makes mistakes all the time for their ruling to be overturned. The decision must be challenged. The teachers must see their profession as a vocation. They are called by God and their conscience to promote discipline and order in our schools for the for the good of the society. The schools as institution must be protected. Every condition of life is regulated by rules and regulations. People must learn to live by laws of their existing conditions. Failure to uphold the rule of law is destroying the society. All who care for the the next generation must work deligently to today to protect our heritage. Ghana has a culture and that gives us our identity. We must not simply disregard them for what we do not know and understand. We may end up to have nothing. I support Achimota teachers.

  2. Kudos to you lawyer Ras Wayoe(Wayoe Ghanamanti)…You hv made KNUST and unity hall proud

  3. How nigel gaisie scãmmed the sakawa boy in his church.
    Nigel gaisie is a harden crïmînál. People may not understand what went on…he deliberately set the young man up. The unsuspecting members of the public may not understand. The young man went to see nigel gaisie in private during consultation and discussed his issues with nigel. Nigel then told him to come for his main church service only for nigel to recount or re-tell the young man's concerns to the whole church as if it was some divine revelation; the young man was confused; as he was caught off guard. Due to this, the young man was unable to say right in the face of nigel gaisie that he was lying. The whole thing is a mind-game. Nigel gaisie is indeed evil!!

  4. Useless ppl using our money to cater for foreigners ashawo pickings in the name of free SHS

  5. The rules are not the laws, the rules are there to be break for improvement and every broken rule give a way to new exploration

  6. Most problems in Ghana is caused by Christians or those born in Christianity!

  7. Grateful to God for the outcome, at least the boys could return to school. Wake up call for GES, it about time we embrace and understand each and everyone's fundamental human rights.

  8. This should serve as a lesson to those you think they are above the law. Thanks your highness the verdict.

  9. 2021 and your are still cutting children hair…tzzz stoneage country 🤦🏾‍♂️