New Ahmaud Arbery Death Trial: A Criminal Defense Attorney Explains the Verdict

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  1. Do you think 16-year-olds Miller and Goodale should be tried as adults in this case?

  2. I am very torn on whether teens should be charged as adults. I wish teens could be rehabilitated so they can be productive adults.

  3. Isabell Florence

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew.

  4. It's so sad that people can't talking about race. What happened not looking at skin and judging by the content of character. We have a justice system and it works. ⚖

  5. Isabell Florence

    The terms are unsupervised at home so they should stay in custody.

  6. Topsy Kretts

    Pretty sorry that Mike Parson could find the time to pardon the McCluskeys, but couldn't find time to review Strickland's case.

  7. I can't wait for the riots to start- No justice-No peace!!!

  8. Alethia Potter

    Good coverage

  9. It must break Gabby's families hearts everytime the media put photos of her up with her (alleged )murderer ..
    He does not deserve to be shown with her. 💔

  10. Well at least the jury in Aubary's case were intelligent enough to send those three cowards to jail. 👏
    I hope they rot there for many years

  11. Elise Vautour

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving weekend Scott, Miss Kristen and Miss Winnie too. 🍗🍁🥓🐾🐾🌞🧡

  12. Paula J. Newman

    I personally think that those teens should be charged as adults .


    I must confess I originally felt Kyle was guilty. But I had to see what was going on. I dont think he is guilty anymore. Especially, after hearing he aggrees with BLM. My thoughts and prayers who dont be used politically.

    As for Ahmad killers KARMA is a bit$^

  14. DigitalDesignsbyPJ

    Here’s depraved more than a stranger robbing you, your brother-in-law and wife’s nephew robbing your house while you were burying their sister and aunt. This literally happened to my husband‘s father when his mother died. It was devastating enough to bury your mother after finding out five weeks earlier she had cancer and she died five weeks later. Then to have that happen on top of it, it was unbelievable but it’s true. My father-in-law returned home and found missing medicine missing money and jewelry. And they assumed a local did it. But then one of his neighbors came over and checked on him a few days later and told him that she saw the uncle and the nephew go into the house and come back out and assumed that someone had sent them to the house to grab some thing on their way to get together after the funeral. But no one had, he knows they’re the ones that took it. 😞

  15. Linda Pruitt

    What gets me. Those three men don’t even feel bad about killing a young man
    Creeps. Selfish

  16. Patricia Potter

    I wondered if these 3 Yayhoo's looked like they did today when they were chasing that poor black man.

  17. Elizabeth Shaw

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May it be blessed happy and safe!

  18. Elizabeth Shaw

    What's happening with that kid who killed that young girl and through her in the lake I think?

  19. Elizabeth Shaw

    His name is Alex and you are the only person I've ever heard calling him Alec. Just an FYI 🙂

  20. I'm glad to see the guilty verdicts. How the hell did these assholes think that they had the right to act the way they did?
    They almost got away with it, thanks to the "good ol boys" network among law enforcement members.

  21. I would like to see the original prosecutor arrested. They swept this under the rug.

  22. Ann Linscott

    I think the parents should be charged with obstruction of justice

  23. Today I thot about doing something crazy. Then you gave me that free law advice. Whew that was close🤣🤣🙄…
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  24. Kelly Griffin

    Happy Thanksgiving. Really enjoy listening to you.

  25. Charge as adults but do not put them in adult prisons until 21, to me it is too dangerous and they are vulnerable there. I know people will say who cares they showed no mercy ect I just think they are not physically or mentally ready to deal with lifers.

  26. To Scott, Julie, Frank, all the Mods, the lovely Miss Kristen, families, & Crime Talk aficionados, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!🦃🍂🍽🍁 🇺🇸 P.S. Everyone be nice to one another. Do not have any “food fights”!!😉🍗

  27. Leslie Matteis

    In Georgia, justice was served today.

  28. Ann Linscott

    You've spoken of empty shelves at grocery stores, Denny's was out of certain foods, due to absences of product on their trucks.

  29. Glad the career criminal will not be around for most of her child's childhood — definitely not a good influence. She's just a predator.

  30. Bird Loves Paint

    family funeral in 2011 Hollywood Hills we returned to our car, all the cars had been broken into during the funeral just outside the sight of cars. Unreal.

  31. I cannot believe what a weasle Alec Murdaugh is.

  32. showgirls around the world a dancer family


  33. Angela Woodruff

    Yes I do, they know what they are doing. So if they can do the crime they can do the time!!!

  34. No video, no trial.

  35. All because of video…

  36. Shawn Newell

    Why these guys in the Aubrey case didn't let the real cops handle things I don't know but now they will have the rest of their lives to regret that.

  37. Those teenagers are a danger to society. They need to be locked up as adults!

  38. Murdaugh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  39. Michael Owen

    She'll be out in 3 years…crime pays…it really does…

  40. deborahhockett

    These 3 are disgusting human beings. Glad they were found guilty.

  41. mountain mermaid1331

    LOL on the police car sex couple! How you keep a straight face I don't know.

  42. Carol Lynn White

    Teens tried as adults?
    Absolutely! This particular crime was heinous!
    I do feel that it is a case by case situation.

  43. Linda VonHaugg

    Kyle was 17 at time of his fight for his life so why aren’t they charged as adult

  44. Yes the two lads should be tried as adults

  45. Linda VonHaugg

    If they did adult acts then treat them as adults.

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