New Ahmaud Arbery death trial | William Bryan attorney makes last attempt to sever case from McMichaels

Attorneys are going over final matters Monday morning, Nov. 22, 2021, ahead of closing arguments in the trial of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery.

Arbery was shot and killed on Feb. 23, 2020. Cellphone video leaked to the public shows two armed white men in a truck approaching the 25-year-old Black man as he runs down the road. One of the men, later identified as Travis McMichael, and Arbery struggle over McMichael’s shotgun before Arbery is shot and collapses.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan, who recorded the video, are all charged with murder in Arbery’s death.

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  1. Chester jade

    Damn I'm not even White, but I feel like I could be a friend of this Judge.

    He probably tells his kids, don't give me that B.S. , just in different words.

  2. Chester jade

    They said it was
    Self-defense. Please they had trucks and should have kept driving. They started the attack.


    The JUDGE did a excellent job…We need more judges like him…No shenanigan judge as well no racisim coming from the bench…

  4. mark arnsberg

    This is truly an alternate universe we live in we have three white individuals convicted of murdering a black person in the south specifically Georgia, and in Wisconsin you have a white racist active shooter crossing state lines and this racist gets off murder charges because a white racist judge lets him off by his rulings. I've slipped into an alternate universe

  5. Does it seem like Geoff the lawyer is SLOPPY!!

  6. Sheila Crabtree

    This dude is a joke.

  7. Whatever Whatever

    William Bryan should NEVER have been charged for Murder. This was a lynch Mob for him. Unacceptable verdict. The jury was WRONG. Filming is what any of us do when something is going down. If he had NOT given them the film etc. and NOT given them the whole case? He'd be free right now. The state should NEVER have prosecuted him. No Good deed goes unpunished. He is NOT a murderer. The other two family members? Yes. They are Guilty.

  8. StationRussification

    I love it when White Nationalism gets a smack down….. …


  9. I still don't get what William Bryan did to be found guilty? Didn't he just follow the McMichaels and video tape everything?

  10. 😒BLM trejurey depourtment🤔

    Whatever party closes the distance and commits an act of violence on a fleeing or static party is universally the bad guy

    If you see someone do something that appears to be a violent felony with a weapon you're not allowed to attack them with covert violence or try to take possession of their weapon… you can run up and Tackle them but you can't try to pull their weapon away and into your control!

    Grappling someone to the ground and neutralizing the weapon with grips is very different than trying to pull a weapon out of their hands or attack them with the weapon of your own!

    If Arberry had tried to grab Travis McMichael in a bear hug his actions would be defensive however since time immemorial trying to take control over someone's weapon is a universal deadly threat that has always been considered grounds to end someone's life in all cultures since the beginning of time

  11. Keisha Puryear

    None of them were tested the day of the crime for drugs or alcohol. They were allowed to alter the crime scene (Travis moved his truck before the police arrived) and they drive their vehicles home.

  12. Exoplanet Research

    The other 2 are probably thinking oh shit. "This guy thinks we are frying and is trying to save his guy from sinking with us."

  13. 1. Arbery Was a Convicted Thief
    2. Arbery Was Convicted Felon, Sentenced to 5 Years for Unlawful Gun Possession at a School
    3. Arbery Was On Felony Probation on the Date He Died
    4. Arbery Was High When He Charged Travis McMichael and Fought for Shotgun
    5. Arbery Was Literally “Off His Meds” When He Charged Travis McMichael
    6. Arbery Frequently Used “Jogging” As a Cover To Facilitate/Excuse Theft Activities
    7. Arbery Had Repeatedly Cased the 220 Satilla Drive Property For Weeks Prior to His Death

  14. I love this judges expressions. He always has the look that says. "All of you are getting on my damn nerves, I can't wait until this sh*t is over". And he def looks like he is over that lawyer asking for mistrials almost every other day.

  15. steve kittridge

    The defense team is like Demi Moore in AFGM….
    I object your honor.
    I strenuously object…
    Scary part is, they r so bad, it could add a legitimate grounds to the appeal process….

  16. georhodium Geo

    William Bryan attorney could have easily sited cases where a separate trial was granted but I guess that would have been a lot of work. Looks like the prosecution went ahead and did the work.

    It never should have gotten this far. The circumstances between the cases are so different. That isn't something you slip into an omnibus request package and forget about.

    William Bryan's attorney should have brought it up early and often, filed official requests etc. He just wants out of this trial now because it's going so badly.

  17. steve kittridge

    I think the defense missed a couple opportunities.
    First, they should challenge the assertion that multiple felony crimes were committed. Done so by suggesting and proving that if the police had arrived prior to shooting, no prosecutor would charge the 3 with 3 felony counts.this is a critical miss and mitigating the felony murder charge.
    Second, with the preponderance of evidence, especially video, defense should not have argued total innocence. They should have admitted to wrongful behavior ,"we shouldn't have been following him for evidence toward citizens arrest, even though the were instructed by police on prior visits to do so, but we never intended to harm him" . From that position, they could defend against the malice murder intent. And they are closer to a self defense plea, but more importantly, closer to a much stronger accidental death defense . Then the arguments would focus on what the 3 did wrong during their pursuit and how the situation escalated out of control when Ahmaud unexpectedly rushed toward the armed man and confronted Travis. As is, by denying any wrongful intent, the defense is vulnerable to the prosecutors accusations about murderous intent and she easily proves their lies that they weren't chasing him.
    Third, Rodie should have motioned for a separate trial, much harder to prove murder with the other two convicted before Rodie's trial.

  18. ChickenFriedRice

    Those defense lawyers are some bunch of Good Old Boys. Not very skilled either.


    When Ahmaud turned 2 run away from dude he walked 2 cut him off on the other side of the truck with his gun out is what the video show n is that acceptable or lawful? Lil dude nem had a 45 2?DAMN (justice 4 Aubrey)

  20. 3 men in 2 trucks chase a man on foot for long distances. They corner him and get out of the truck with a loaded shotgun and kill him when he approaches the armed man. They better be guilty. That's NOT self defence.

  21. she is sexy

  22. This lawyer for the roddy guy is a dufus. Damaged everyone’s defense.

  23. These 3 men will certainly be glad to get this trial over and get back to their lives. What a farce just to please the few.

  24. She got to school you you're the judge know she don't

  25. Kevin Townsend

    The truth be told they should play James Brown poppa don't take no mess everytime this judge has denied a mistrial.

  26. Sham trial and a witch hunt to please the 13% of america
    Play the race card even when i scratch my a**

  27. Arbery had also a long history running away from cops instead of communicating ,and got even tased

  28. Travis didn't shoot before,
    Only when ahmaud lunged at the shotgun had travis no choice but to defend his own life

  29. W. Bryan, can not sever the case due to his actions performed in the crime or crimes…, which lead to the death of Arbery. Arbery could have not been penned or trapped by the McMichaels without his assistance.


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