New Aiden's Lawyer wants out !! Breaking News 💥💥

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  1. Crazy Crime Chick

    I didn't see this coming 😳

  2. Botoewa Nesbo

    He should be charged as adult without question.

  3. Kaila Villalovos

    Yes I do. Thanks for keeping us updated

  4. Ahlly Turaganivalu

    He should charge as an adult for sure!!

  5. Valerie Knoxx

    I think he was acting too cocky and proud about it what he did (not remorseful), maybe even would talk back to the lawyer, so he felt there was no way he would be able to defend him and backed out.

  6. Louise Coombes

    Just want to congratulate you on your channel, and im proud to be one of your first subscribers…you're a lovely crime chick crazy…and you always have been…well deserved with many more to come ♡♡☆☆♡♡☆☆

  7. Decopainterandtea

    Yes charged as a adult. His aloof arrogant proud of himself look says it all.

  8. You do an adult crime you do the adult time imo

  9. Do you think the attorney saw the evidence they had against him and knew there was no winning this case??

  10. Chezone Infamous

    I don’t blame the lawyer, he knows this idiot will get smoked in the U.S court system

  11. Absolutely he should be trialled as an adult. He knew well what he had done wrong.!

  12. I signed the petition and donated the $8 it asked for. Thanks for the updates chic

  13. Jennifer Green

    Yes I do think he should be changed as an adult.

  14. Rebelgirl 0013

    He should absolutely be charged as an adult!!

  15. Have his parents said anything yet?? He should be charged as an adult due to the violence involved

  16. Jennifer Green

    Hey lovely 💕

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