ALL THINGS MORTGAGE a live recording from March 1, 2021 at 5pm Join Matt Gouge – Matt The Mortgage Guy, mortgage broker licensed in CA and Kyle …


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  1. Matt the Mortgage Guy

    Kyle Seagraves, THANK YOU so much for your time tonight. Really enjoyed the convo. Cheers!

  2. Great teamwork, guys! Have been watching your videos for weeks now, and learning so much! Is it ever a good idea to use home equity to pay off mortgage? What are the cons/pros to this approach?

  3. Lori Weslo-Walker

    Pros/cons lease purchase/lease options?

  4. Michael Hewitt

    Great advice as usual.👍👍👍🇬🇧

  5. In Ohio buyers agents choose the title company….it’s not about the costs but mostly about EM deposit and ability to communicate during the process

  6. Also…I subscribed to both of your channels. Getting educated to be able to buy in early 2022! THANK YOU!

  7. Great info from you both. I have learned a lot! Question: Does child support count as qualifying income?

  8. Jms_NT Kamdo

    Hey Matt.
    How do I contact you for a Mortgage?

  9. Adalia Arado

    Is it true that va loan does not require closing cost and PMI?

  10. Great content Matt!!

  11. Peter Oreziak

    Great information! Thank you both for sharing!

  12. TMA. Italia Travel

    Kyle is awesome!

  13. Anita Tai-Cheng

    Is it common for a bank lender to recommend you to transfer more $$ from one other bank account to their bank $$ to offer a discount in the interest rate? Or is that a bit shady?

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