New Amber Heard Is In Serious Trouble After Johnny Depp's Lawyers Bring New Evidence

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Amber Heard Is In Serious Trouble After Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Bring New Evidence
For years now, Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard have been clawing back and forth to go and get an advantage over the other in the numerous cases that have been filed by them at each other. Johnny Depp for example filed a Defamation Suit against Heard for $50 million and she filed a countersuit worth $100 million. That case is still going on and has been delayed until 2022 due to the pandemic pushing back scheduling. But even though that’s going on, there are some things that aren’t adding up in Heard’s defense. We’ll break it down for you. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

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And there you have it, everyone! A look at the situation that is evolving due to Amber Heard not serving a subpoena to someone who might have information that can help her! But, what does it all really mean? Is she not doing so despite saying she will proof that he doesn’t have anything that will help her? Or, has she learned that he knows something about her that might come out if Johnny Depp’s team gets to cross-examine? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we’ll see you next time on the channel!

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  1. Ist jemand deutsch und kann mir das BIIITTTEEE übersetzen!!!!Please❤️❤️🥺

  2. That's Crazy!

    I hope JD will be able to overcome this extreme damaging affair with time. Sadly, I somewhat doubt it, the damage might be to devastating allready and he always struck me as a sensitive soul. I wish him best of luck and strength ether way!

  3. This will always be the day you almost caught…Captain Jack Sparrow!
    JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY!!!!!!✊✊✊✊

  4. Thats crazy.. Im glad everything is coming into the light. Amber will get what she deserves for the lies shes produced.