New Among Us portrayed by Ace Attorney

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This is just a silly thing I made with a website that lets you make things like this. To be honest, I haven’t actually played Ace Attorney, I just know the memes, but I have played Among Us, and if you have, I’m sure you can relate to this sort of situation.

Check it out here


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  1. So… Orange saw blue go into a vent… And trusted them because he thought it was a task

  2. If youre making Mia talk, let her stand in the side-attorney bench, Phoenix is already in the main attorney bench PLS

  3. Is it just me or every Attorney among us meme Edgeworth always get vote out😂

  4. Is it Black and Orange?

    Black just backed up Blue to remain a "side character". She didn't provide any evidence about it being Red.

    And Orange, He said they were fixing vents, but, there is no vent task.

  5. I love how red is always the one who gets voted out in among us ace attorney..

  6. If something smells, it's probably the Butz. It was definitely Larry.