New An Uncivil Studio Guest

@Uncivil Law joins me in the VAULT for an in-studio appearance. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about.

Grab some whiskey and join me.

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  1. 54:20 "And more to the point let him know that I'm concerned about his safety."
    Why would you be concerned about his safety? You're doing it, because you're concerned about YOUR safety, not some cop.
    56:03 "And she's like: "I didn't think it was safe for you (a cop)".
    Exactly my point. She was concerned about his safety and got wrecked.

  2. Dear Tubin's wife,
    just make sure your husband gets a nice looking intern if you dont feel up to providing for the needs of him … it worked (sort of) for Bill Clinton. I mean if you dont feel up to carrying the basket of washing to the stream to wash … you get a washing machine too, right?

  3. No More BS Please

    11:38 What is Uncivil talking about? Doesn't a police involved shooting investigation have to be done by an outside agency? Edit: Nope, he's right only certain places aren't corrupt.

  4. Props to nick for a stream with someone who’s not particularly likable

  5. Clayton Bigsby

    If I had to name the title of this stream based off of a random screen shot it’d be called
    “ The Pedo and the Jew”

  6. EldenBaneling

    First as usual.

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