New Andrew Brown Jr. Protesters Rally Outside Pasquotank County Attorney's Home

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Protesters marched in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on April 26, after the family of Andrew Brown Jr viewed part of a police video showing the fatal shooting of the 42-year-old while police were serving a search warrant.

This footage, shot by Shom Tiwari, shows protesters chanting outside Pasquotank County Attorney Michael Cox’s home in Elizabeth City.

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An attorney for Brown’s family described the shooting as “an execution” and said when Brown was shot he had both hands on the steering wheel of his car.

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II said the incident was “over in less than 30 seconds” and that the bodycam video was shaky and could be hard to decipher. He said outside investigators were interviewing witnesses and “gathering more information.”

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  1. Laws are not merely suggestions, follow the law! When the man shows up…do exactly as he says. It's simple!!! I hear people saying he was innocent…no. He was convicted on drug charges, resisting arrest and several other charges. So NO.
    They say he was unarmed…no.
    He was driving away from the scene in a 4,000lb weapon. It's real simple,
    FOLLOW THE LAW, and these things won't happen.

  2. Their warrant was for drugs however they did not find any drugs or any evidence of drugs.

  3. They’re like stop killing us stop acting a fool and you won’t get shot I’ve been pulled over so many times and I own guns and I’m a Mexican still alive it’s the way you chose to react to the situation they were serving a warrant he was resisting arrest there you go

  4. POCs commit 8-10 times the violent crime, so they are NOT being disproportionately targeted by police.

  5. Anyone virtue signaling for "Law & Order" now were the same ones quiet about the January 6th riot. Hypocrites pure and simple.

  6. Cops did the right thing. He was a drug dealer and the streets are safer with him gone. Cops are heroes

  7. What about other minorities getting killed by police? Or what about kids getting killed? Where's the outrage? Where's the protest? I'm starting to believe BLM is racist and only targeting police.

  8. The entire TRUMP family made AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and was in a very good relations with the entire world and immediately after the IMPOSTER Biden illegally forced his self upon the WHITE HOUSE everything he touched turned into poo poo. Just look at the big mess we have to deal with today. Ovomit is the reason for all this BS.❌❌❌❌❌❌

  9. Gun reform has to start by stricking down the 2nd amendment, this amendment in the constitution is killing us Americans, therefore the constitution is killing us! Lets strike down the 2nd ammendment! No more guns!