New #AndrewBrownJr Lawyers reveal independent autopsy results

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#AndrewBrownJr Lawyers reveal independent autopsy results

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  1. A another cover up for a police blunder!!
    They go out for 1 thing & murder the victim they were sent to help!! This has to stop !! How many times do we have to witness these tragic blunders at the cost of another black life, that they deny ??

  2. This is another message to poor people to stay in their Lane and don't get in the way of the wealthy people they don't do this in their neighborhoods because it was cause a war because people with money will buy guns and start shooting back cuz they don't play that stuff they do not mind dying for what they believe in that's why they kill poor people

  3. It broke my heart when my dad passed away. But to lose him like this would have broken my soul. So I can't even think about watching it happen. Brotha if you got to cry do it, If you got to scream do it loud. But if you get angry think about the love your dad has for you because that is something no one can take from you.

  4. The DA and Sheriff's dept is going over the video and editing it to get the cops lies in sync. God is watching and HE KNOWS the truth and it WILL come out!

  5. The DA only told them what they wanted to hear knowing full well there wouldn't be any "transparency" from them. It doesn't take that long to release the video from the dashcam or bodycam of the cops.

  6. The sheriffs dept and police chiefs are hiding evidence to protect those racist cops after seeing the verdict of Derek Chauvin. These cops are gonna really be out for revenge against our Black people because one of their racist cops got sent to prison and Kim Potter was arrested for the murder of Daunte Wright.

  7. All ya going to do is march and hold up signs for a week 🤣🤣

  8. That civil rights attorney Ben Crump and team can't get one case closed on a Black murder case by cops before he's taking on another one.

  9. I wish my husband, my brother and my nephews never have to leave the house for anything, but I know they do, it is scary out here y’all, plum scary 🤔🤔🤔

  10. I really like something Drew McCaskill (a Karen Hunter contributor) said, and the son speaking made me think of it. That brother may not be speaking the King's English, his hair may not be clean shaven, he may not say all of the right things, but I say this to him; I hear you.

    Sometimes as black folks we get so used to trying to be sympathetic figures, but white supremacists will never sympathize with black skin. Ever.

    I'm glad millions upon millions of good white folks are speaking out and standing up, and we need a lot more to finally eliminate the scourge of racism permeating this society. Very sorry for the family's loss.

  11. Well get the information released. Y'all lawyers if y'all can't get the right information to the family. What are you good for? Just to talk on tv?

  12. No wonder why I feel overwhelmed and anxious when I drive now. I don't fear a pandemic but that 1 crooked cop.

  13. Hey .. Mr Roland, and everyone else Moniee-Mon, is listening thanks for the info vedios keep doing what'cha do best God bless ya !. Where Praying it all comes to a end , father we ask for all families justice!, in Jesus name amen 😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💯💯

  14. On the way is going change is it we get booted up and change it our self. Bottom line once we get the fight back in our heart and do something it will change.