New Animal HEROES Protecting Their Owners! | Best Moments

What would we do without animals? I hope you enjoy this video. Let me know your top moment in the comments below 🙂

This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes. Thank you for watching.


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  1. TheSweetKing36 0

    0:54 pissed me off, if the dog ends up getting ahold of the cat it woulda shredded it and then it woulda had to been put down, if it was me I woulda killed the cat myself

  2. Joe won't be in D.C. forever. Buy your kids a big dog now!

  3. When someone attacks me –

    My cat – help yourself i have to sleep😑

  4. Roger That! 10-4

    Never underestimate a cat, they really don't fear anything.

  5. That one where the guy is doing the house check probably could have gone better. They should have introduced the cat to the guy before hand so it's not scared by some random person in it's house

  6. Well if the goose goes to attack me let's just say he gonna be my dinner tonight

  7. kalyan ettela

    Cat: how dare you mess with my pet dog..*scratch*

  8. The Seven Angels from South Korea

    Dog and cat be like: Wamada WEEEEE

  9. Faisa Mohamed

    Why cat kill the dog

  10. Jennifer V 💗

    They need to put that cat on a leash! If it was attacking me or my dog, I'd throw it & not care! If you know your animal is like that, it's up to YOU to do something about it!!

  11. Jeff Gachihi

    2:10This pup uses gentle force to defend his owner from a goose." – A sentence that makes absolutely no sense to 99.999% of the world but in Canada… "Yeah".

  12. xxACIDVIRUSxx

    The donkey was my favorite!


    The donkey

  14. You can think I'm stupid but it's okay. I never knew cats can also be that protective just like dogs.

  15. Mike-ROMANS 1:16

    Is there any questions whether or not geese are demon spawn. Lol

  16. Cats are actually saving the attacker from their owner

  17. Your content is good enough to not need to do any clickbait mate. I got stuck on your channel for an hour or more and could wait to watch another. You're better than clickbait!

  18. very effective thumbnail clickbait. job well done

  19. When the dinos run I laughed 🤣🤧

  20. Jibril Evans

    I am too much of a dog person.

  21. MyBallzGotShocked

    Why no commentary on the second clip?

  22. Ronald Dan Caliva

    Animals are like humans they must feel what humans do

  23. kareem ashbomb

    Clicked on the vid just to see the clip in the thumbnail…. what a shocker, it's not here. Thumbs down

  24. Andrea Erickson

    That's exactly why I want a cane corso so bad

  25. crazy cat CAT


  26. The first cat should be on a leash, I'd stomp on it if it came at my dog like that

  27. Wow that's Interesting

    Lol y’all seen the reaction video

  28. Luke Sylvester

    That cat flying at that dog was hilarious

  29. If a cat or dog came running at me aggressively I would kick it tbh.

  30. loveforeignaccents

    6:22, how awful… people, if dogs need to be on a leash, so do cats, so leash them bitches up!

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