New Another record low mortgage rate causes mortgage demand to rise

Mortgage interest rates have set record lows more than a dozen times this year, and last week there was yet another. That caused mortgage application volume …


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  1. Just did a cash out refinance to buy my second home. Real estate is going to the moon

  2. It bugs me how people hear %2.90 but dont hear the down payment to get it.

  3. Does this mean RKT stock price will surge?

  4. Wongseifu548

    I love how every business news outlet does not want to talk about bankruptcies/foreclosures

  5. CollectorManNC

    I refinanced last month

  6. I think this is only true for the few with discretionary income…10 million+ are underemployed & even more are under employed.

  7. CollegeDegreeIsUseless


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