New Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Retrospective Discussion (Thoughts & Impressions)

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Derrick has completed Apollo Justice: Ace Attoreny as he continues his trek through the series. Once again, Ted of BrainScratchComms and Johnny of SomeCallMeJohnny join him as they reflect on this divisive entry in the franchise. Spoilers abound as we talk about the new characters, the returning characters, and what we think of the story’s twists and turns. All this and more in our latest Ace Attorney discussion!

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  1. The main problem with Apollo and Trucy is how they aren't that distinct from Phoenix and Maya, personality-wise

  2. can't listen to this. i feel like the people who have so many "problems" with AJ just didn't really get what it was going for in the first place.

  3. Never finished the last case(or hell started because the ending of case 3 did burn me out xD) , but regardless of Phoenix's… Wrath, wasn't kristoph the actual killer tho? I don't think Phoenix actually would wrongfully convict someone of murder over something petty like losing his license (plus despite his hobo status, he does quite well for a pianist that can't play piano lol)

  4. The audio mixer from the 3rd case(why did I thought there were 5 cases and that one was case 4 xD) was the worst

  5. For phoenix doing questionable things like forging evidence, I actually like hobo Phoenix alot lol like the assumption that "Phoenix wright don't forge evidence" is a dangerous thing to assume of anyone lol plus technically he's not a lawyer anymore at this point, so I was like ok lol I think case 1 really set up some good stuff that the rest of the game didn't exactly handle too well(tho my foggy memory of klavier, since it's been almost a year since I played the game in case 2 with the singer lady and armin looking guy, is one of my favorite prosecutors)

  6. I'll personally say I think Phoenix probably could of been worked in a bit better, but with that I seen in court fly with the prosecutors, even after the third game, there's gonna be that one guy who'd be hell bent to get wright disbarred lol I just would of prefer if outside of his interest in helping "american", I guess lol, law improve, he should of stayed out of court after Apollo justice and let him get his own full light from then on(maybe. Have wright be the new butz xD if only lol)

  7. I've started ace attorney series with Apollo Justice and I'll defend it to death

  8. Actually, every single Pursuit theme in the series has similarities with each other. Take the opening of the songs for example. It's like this to make each pursuit theme sound like a pursuit theme. And it's not just for Pursuit themes, this applies to almost every single theme in the series. Cross-Examination/Confrontation, Objection!, Tell the Truth, Victory, Investigation…

  9. It brought lots of enjoyment to hear you guys roast this game🔥🔥🔥😁

  10. The one thing I don’t like about this game is Apollo justice himself. He doesn’t have anything to do here. He’s not impacted by these events. Phoenix has much more to do in the story and Apollo just seems to be there for the ride and freakin Trucy has more to do with the main plot than Apollo does. And the words part is he barely has a distinguishable personality in this game. In dual destinies and Spirit of justice he has a personality that I really like but in Apollo justice he’s the least interesting character and the game is titled after him. This game especially with the last case feels more like Phoenix’s game than Apollo’s game. I’m happy that he at least became a more interesting character in the next 2 games

  11. I would love to see you guys do an in-depth discussion of Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice whenever Ace Attorney 7 gets close to coming out! I am a new fan of the series and these discussions were great to listen to

  12. I'm an apollo justice fanboy i'm sorry johnny (he was right it was my first game and i didnt know any better)

  13. I think the first case 2 & 3 are good. Case 1 is fine, but it falls apart when you never figure out why Kristoph actually killed Zak. Case 4 is just bad. Don't get me started. As a whole the game is mediocre. It's kind of a shame that Apollo wasn't the real focus of the game.

  14. Ted your apollo justice video is no different from a nostalgia blinded moron complaining.After watching your spirit of justice review it became obvious to me that you only cling on nostalgia and that is wrong.Apollo justice is a game that offered a new cast of characters and ideas for the franchise but people keep complaining about the fact that phoenix is not the main character and that none of the past ace attorney characters return(aside from ema and phoenix).People complain about this game saying that apollo is just a phoenix clone and has no character development or backstory.Don't forget that phoenix in his first game also had no character development or backstory(aside from the class trial).Just like Apollo justice is more focused on phoenix,Phoenix wright ace attorney is more focused on edgeworth even the creator of the series shu makami said this in an interview and that's why the sequel justice for all became more focused on phoenix's character development.Apollo justice was meant to have it's sequels where he would develop and learn his backstory but DD came in and retconned everything about AJ.DD is my least favorite in the series because it can easily be summed up like this:"Another product of the creators bowing down to their fans's request".As to why none of the past characters showed up that's simple:Maya was to become the new master of the kurain channeling technique so it makes sense that she wasn't in AJ.Edgeworth and Franziska are busy people.They wouldn't even be in trials and tribulations unless they were called.These events were foreshadowed in the ending of trials and tribulations.As for phoenix's character,that is what he should have been by the end of trial and tribulations,it's called character development.He no longer gets stressed out and acts like a rookie,he is full fledged lawyer that can stand on his own two feet.After he lost his badge he became a broken man but he never gave up trying to find the truth behind the forged evidence and magnifi's murder.Trucy and vera were the two people who ruined his life,because Vera made the forged evidence and trucy was the one who gave it to phoenix but phoenix doesn't hate them.He raises trucy as her daughter and bears no ill will towards vera.Also revenge is not his purpose for proving Kristoph's guilt.In the first trial of AJ kristoph askes phoenix if he is doing this for revenge but phoenix tells him:"My past is like my logic,straight and true,nothing has changed all I did was point the finger of justice in the proper direction".That line says it all.This is why I am sick of people saying that this game while reasons are so vague.Also I would like to point out something about the"phoenix clone" that they say to apollo's character.Shu makami has stated in an interview that he created phoenix to feel like an avatar for the players where his actions and what he says feel reletable.If Apollo is the main character of his own game it would make sense that he would be similar to phoenix in context.But apollo's motivation for being a lawyer and phoenix's is what makes them different.Phoenix fights to understand what it means to defend someone while apollo fights to understand what law is.I can only hope that someday people will see apollo justice's true potential for what it is and not seeing it with nostalgia googles.

  15. This game has a great soundtrack and opening case. And that's the only good thing to say about this game

  16. I'd sooner play Justice for All than this piece of forged evidence.

  17. I’d actually love a discussion for both of the investigations games before dual destinies. Especially the second one. I think that discussion would go on for hours.

  18. I cared about Machi, by seeing him weak, blind and unable to speak the language, so I wanted to defend it because he wouldn't be capable of committing that crime and he was defenseless.
    Overall, I agree with the other complains about that case.

  19. Actually the conclusion of first case I didn't got it in the sense: Phoenix Wright committed fraud by forging evidence but in the sense that he introduced forged evidence to the trial to see how the culprit react and build an accusation based on that reaction instead of using the forged evidence directly in the accusation.
    He made something similar in Trials and Tribulations, when he lied by claiming that a bottle contained poison.

  20. Apollo Justice is a game that really blew me away when I first played it. It had this depressing atmosphere that reflected how far this world had fallen. Think about it: Maya's gone, Phoenix lost his attorney's badge to some jealous asshole, crime is running rampant (The Kirakis), Ema is a broken woman who never achieved her dreams, not to mention how the music sets the depressing atmosphere in stone. I'd never felt anything like it from playing a game, and I didn't expect it to come from an Ace Attorney game. And when you finally take down that certain jealous asshole that I mentioned earlier in the last case and clear Phoenix Wright's name, it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. I'm not going to call it the best Ace Attorney game (Spirit of Justice has earned that distinction) but it's definitely in my top 3.

  21. i've had this in my watch later for months and months. i just finished AA4 this morning and now i can finally listen to this discussion

  22. So, did I just miss the Dual Destinies discussion, because even almost a year later I can't find any trace of it.