New Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Story Trailer (3DS)

Get to know Apollo’s allies and search for the truth with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, out Nov 21 (NA) / Nov 23 (EU) for Nintendo 3DS!

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  1. Alexlandry22

    When you watch so many Great Ace Attorney trailers the old trailers start resurfacing in the algorithm.

  2. BlueNerdyWolf

    It would be cool that this game would be for the nintendo switch, because it would have a good use of the vibration controllers when the purse reacts

  3. Apollo: "Why did I get stuck with junky old broke Hobo Pheonix!?"

  4. The Living Graveyard

    I think the spritework in the originals are way more charming than the new art

  5. Kookisoda夜刃

    The japanese voices are great

  6. This trailer got me thrilled

  7. Please do a switch port of this, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice in a second trilogy.

  8. Nic Anastasi


  9. denise tovias

    So I was wondering about this for quite the amount of time. It has to do with DGS and GS4. So… is it safe to assume that Sherlock Holmes is Kristoph and Klavier Gavin's great-something grandfather?

  10. Franboise-Senpai

    So now does that mean we have to expect a multi-console release of AJ:AA ? Since the PW:AA Trology came out. And maybe all of the 3DS games would be cool multi-console.

  11. Starwoilf keyblade

    there's something i have always wondered how comes in the trailers we here the voice actors but in the actually game we don't here anything regarding there voices?

  12. Cinder Pxmpkin

    I was thinking you make a video of a Scrum Debate between the defense attorneys and their partners vs the prosecutors and judge.

  13. MigzyKirbyPokemon24 Simple

    As i said earlier… NO MORE NEW AA GAMES?!

  14. I want to see "Justin Prejudice: Perfect Prosecutor" Just a name i came up with.

  15. MigzyKirbyPokemon24 Simple

    Are you sure you're up to this. NO WAY! I don't want to. I really don't like getting Objections!!!

  16. I hope they will fix the typos, and correct "jurist" to "juror".

  17. The Hammer Bro

    This is great an all but when is Ace Attorney 7 gonna happen? I want at least a confirmation I don't mind waiting.

  18. DiamondDetectorTurnabout

    0:23 No! Not the harmonica!

  19. 2:05 One of the screenshots of the game is the game over screen. WHAT A SPECTACULAR MOMENT

  20. RedheadButNotReally

    1:52 Best pursuit theme in the entire series. Fight me.

  21. games4allgamers

    You know we want Gumshoe back right? (And lets not talk about Von Karma or dare i say…. Godot?)

  22. MigzyKirbyPokemon24 Simple

    when there are No more Ace Attorney Games on 2018… The Nintendo Switch Has Updated to 4.0 Version… And THERE will be no Phoenix Wright Games.. hahaha. This'll be Interesting Heh heh heh. 😼😉

  23. MigzyKirbyPokemon24 Simple


  24. MigzyKirbyPokemon24 Simple

    "IF THIS VIDEO IS Deleted. This means that… IT MIGHT GET A COPYRIGHT!!!!……… Uh. Yes it will be deleted here. ha. This'll be Great for the Death Of Attorneys. hehe 😝

  25. MigzyKirbyPokemon24 Simple

    No time FOR YOU To Localize any Ace Attorney. KEEP IT Making a SUB right now. so ENJOY

  26. Roberto Da Silva

    I might just buy this to support more AA games being released

  27. Miki Saihara

    I already got the physical copy of AA, but I'm still gonna buy this regardless.
    Also please localize DGB 1 + 2 & Investigations 2

  28. The Bohobemeister

    Oh yeah, baby! Here comes Justice!

  29. James Williams

    AAI Remakes for 3DS. Who's with me?

  30. I'm torn. I already have this on DS but I'm tempted to get it on 3DS anyway.

  31. This was my favourite AA game because of the dark atmosphere and how weird it felt to play in the same world so many years later after the trilogy.
    I am happy to see it rerelease and getting a new trailer with voiced lines!

  32. Andrew Harris

    It would be pretty cool if they added another case like they did for the first ace attorney game!

  33. how many remakes is capcom making just to milk the series without making a new gam

    at this point im surprised that dgs and aaipp aren't officially localized

  34. the game hunters


  35. Katherine Healy

    HOLD IT!

    This is a thing? Re-making Apollo Justice for the 3ds?

  36. Was expecting a Dub rather than Sub, how unfortunate

  37. When will Ryunosuke's story begins in the west?

    Localize Dai Gyakuten Saiban.

  38. "Ten years have passed since his courtroom debut" That's fun because that serves for Apollo (10 years IRL) and Phoenix (10 years in game)

  39. Nicolas Martinez

    Cuando veremos ésta saga en Switch????!!!

  40. MoviesNGames007uk

    This has the best first case in the Ace Attorney series

  41. MoviesNGames007uk

    Investigations 1 and 2 next please!!!!!!

  42. Didnt really like this game but goddamn the music was dope

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