New Arrest made in shooting of South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh

Authorities said Curtis Smith was asked by Murdaugh to shoot him so his son could collect a $10 million life insurance policy. Murdaugh suffered a superficial wound in the shooting.


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  1. Did his wife and son have life insurance? Who was the beneficiary?

  2. If You Can't See This You Deaf, Dumb And Blind.

  3. Head Shot Distraction? Reasonable Doubt?

  4. Serial Killer? Dad, Housekeeper, Gay Lover, Wife, Son? Boat?

  5. Jasmine Tate

    CALLED IT – when I first heard the story!

  6. They forgot to arrest Alex for filing a false police report.

  7. Yea right!! Just like he called 911 to report finding his wife and son ? Really he called 911 to report being shot in the head too. Come on attorney,you can do better than this !!! Come up with another story…

  8. Why are so many rich people so miserable?? And corrupt.

  9. Imagine hiring someone to kill you and they shoot you in the head and fail. I'd be so mad I'd rat them out to the cops too.

  10. Simone de la COUDRAY-McCRACKEN

    How stupid do they think people are? This story and the excuses they come up with thinking that it would appease us. First, if your wife and child has been murdered don’t you want to live to see their killer caught and brought to justice? don’t you want to be there for your surviving son? This just shows that he is somehow responsible for his wife’s murder. With this new development, it’s even clearer that he did it for his wives insurance money. The son wasn’t supposed to be there and that is where his distraught came in. Now none of the reports from the lawyers/spokespeople have I heard him take responsibility for his actions. It’s the drug people that made him addicted! It’s the drug people that extorted large sums of money from him which made him steal! It’s the druggie that he asked to shoot him that took advantage of his mental state! Not once did he say I made adult choices which brought my family to this. It’s always someone else. And that is the reason why he is where he is today because he grew up obviously never taking responsibility for his actions and it was always someone else’s fault. Don’t need to know him more than what has transpired the past week to know that he is a spoilt boy who don’t know how to be responsible and probably always had his father to get him out of trouble.

  11. Ruth O'Kelley

    How true!

  12. I hear a loud sucking sound coming from his bank

  13. I couldn't even imagine, pay some dude to kill you then you get lightly grazed and the dude you paid drives away lmao, "Come back idiot, I'm still alive"!!!

  14. Rachel Kristine

    I KNEW this Bastard did it! 🤨

  15. Nasty Woman 1979

    Id like to say I was shocked bit I'm not and he got to go to rehab…. Hmmm

  16. This guy is going to get what's coming to him. No just escape from Justice Mr big shot attorney

  17. Ruth O'Kelley

    Your ‘invite’ is declined…my opinions are as valid as your own…no more or less! AND, I know a put down when I see it!

  18. Ruth O'Kelley

    I make a big effort to not paint anything with a broad brush! I don’t know a lot of people without some morals and ethics. Humans do behave like humans…which all are imperfect, but many including myself strive toward higher ideals. If there is one…then there must be more!

  19. piece of shit set him up and you know it !

  20. I knew instantly that his shooting was a set-up. Next we will hear about how Curtis was also hired to kill Alex's wife and son. He will turn states evidence to protect himself. I think Alex should be charged for hiring Curtis in the first place for crimes committed against Curtis.

  21. Duane Mansel

    Yep, suspected something like that.

  22. And if you believe that

  23. Eddie Munster

    Maybe he's responsible for his family's deaths 🤔

  24. You can't fix stupid!

  25. He killed his wife and son. Wait and see

  26. Jaime Fletcher

    This guy just doesn't know when to quit.

  27. Aquarius Productions

    The guy only grazed him. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had a trusted client shoot him. He didn’t actually want to die but just wanted to look depressed and also innocent to avoid getting caught for trying to get his wife and son murdered.

  28. Aquarius Productions

    Why did this anchor just start off all cheerful to such a dark story? Lmao

  29. naijagirl011

    You can tell the news reporter is trying hard to not smile lol

  30. Ruth O'Kelley

    This story cannot get any weirder? I keep trying to figure out where this family went into behaving more like criminals than people for laws and justice? And, it looks as if ‘unbridled’ power by so many, over a long period of time…gave them an unstoppable notion, that they were invincible! And…my mind can’t block out all the harm this family and ‘friends,’ possibly caused to so many, over this long time period. Power…does indeed corrupt…when left unchecked!

  31. Bill Randolph

    Registered Democrats in the news yet again.

  32. his wife and son was murdered on their property he found their bodies it didn't go as planned

  33. Penelope Lopez

    OMG! He probably planned all the murders. It’s strange how his murder didn’t go as well as the murders of his son and wife. This man’s goose is completely cooked. He made his bed. I wonder if the Judge will give him bail?

  34. Love when I solve these cases lol

  35. Imo I think he had them killed too. Not ruling revenge out but possibly he was scared all the money he would be out if they went to court and lost the civil suits that might be filed later.

  36. Karma is bitch 💀

  37. never trust a ginger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. wow. i thought he shot himself over a guilty conscious. i was wrong but pretty close.

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