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New York, 1985. Alan Newton is designated by an eye witness and sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment for a violent crime. In his cell, he starts studying law to decipher his file and prove his innocence.

Based on stories from the Innocence Network, a worldwide organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted, this four-part series explores the investigations and the human cost: the emotional impact experienced by those convicted and their families.


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  1. I advocate for the “Restitution Project” of the wrongfully convicted. This is beyond heart breaking his Mom passed away 2 days after I was born

  2. Love, love, love The Innocence Project videos.

  3. Oyebuchi Egbuniwe

    If only we all had his spirit! Wonderful and resilient human being

  4. Maria Badillo

    The jury was composed of individuals who believed any thing a Prosecutor brought up. They forgot to paid attention to the accused. Usually, they have the truth in their eyes. "The eyes are a reflexion of the soul"..

  5. Tony is an awesome brother.

  6. Richard Cassels

    o my god

  7. Margaret Peabody

    Al quickly got on with his life. Getting married, having a son, receiving a college degree and a law degree and making a decision to help others in a similar bind.

  8. Michael Austin

    I learnt to manage my money through investments and it really works for me.

  9. 🙏🏻 for Luke Mitchell UK

  10. 20:25 what a great company.

    Athletes/Actors designers are paid billions, yet there is little as compensation for a persons life.

    I'm 49 & think, if someone did a 30 stretch, then I think back to what I've ✅ done since then, it makes me sad, so very sad that it all taken away from some & others have been killed no doubt.

    I know some get compensation, as here in England I've seen it happen, but not to many. Only seems to go with bigger offences or cases.

    Good luck to anyone who has had to bear losing their life.. 🇬🇧✌🏼

  11. Freedom and Truth

    All the reasons they give 5mins in…and No mention of Police Incompetence or Corruption being listed as a reason some of these folk were Imprisoned…Hmmmm? 🤔

  12. Celestial Scat

    I wonder if the ones who are innocent fight harder and longer cos they know they didn't do and still have hope others will know too, while the ones who are guilty don't do much cos they know they did it…?

  13. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  14. scott ridenour

    What a Great family. Good bless you guys !!!

  15. My foster son went to federal prison for murder when he was 19 and the girls mother told me her daughter told her that her boyfriend said he was going to kill her. Now this guy has killed before and was out in 5 years then killed her. It was the very same mo.killed her and cut her foster boy couldn't kill anything not even a fish. Hes now 24 but will be 25 this month. How sad .I've tried to find a federal lawyer buy no one will call me back. I don't know how to find a good lawyer. I'm happy to pay for his services, I make good money and I'm debt free.

  16. Did you all know that if you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can choose a charity for a small percentage of your purchases. My tiny contributions through this program goes to the Innocence Project. Just in case the situation fits you.

  17. Damn seeing Tony choke up really got to me. Tony is a hero too man, for real

  18. Prosecutors and police officers who knowingly imprisoned these innocent people should go to prison themselves. This shouldn't go unpunished.

  19. Prosecutors don't care who committed the crime, as long as they put someone in prison to appease the public.

  20. So hes guilty and Kim Kardashian was bored

  21. Devesh Singh Yadav

    I wanna cry.. but more than that I wanna smile for his freedom .
    Live your life buddy.
    And, thank you Innocence project for saving him and many others like him.

  22. Susan Sehorn

    I believe there are many in prison who are innocent.

  23. Goffredo Trovato

    Real Story never let you down. Great stories, on point all the time. Great investigation work, in this case. I believe that if evidence are lost, and he's claiming to be innocent, you should be freed. It's their job to keep evidence safe, that's tax money spent for that. The guy who didn't look for the evidence for negligence should have a taste of the medicine and done the remaining 14 yrs in prison. S. of a b.. What would have happened if he'd got stubbed in prison or picked up additional charges in order to survive in that jungle (Sing Sing) he wasn't on a county jail you know..
    And the fact that 8 yrs later he hasn't been paid his compensation money it's ridiculous. I will now claim interests on top of it. They owe him 18 millions can't they give him half or a 1/4 just to go back on his feet. Disgusting; but when they have to take you down to your knees the system is there, oh yes in that case is there ready to judge you, guilty or not. I don't believe in witnesses and jury. The law only guarantees you a trial, an attorney and a jury, despite the fact if your guilty or not. That's bullshit. People guilty don't get charged, and innocent people go to prison. I believe that the case should be faught in front of and to a judge between attorneys, by the book. No need for jury unless you have a difficult case and you'd like to see how a jury would respond, but as a tool, not as a final judgment. No way.

  24. I've watched some of this channel's videos and wow, how many ads they are putting at such a short interval, it's just beyond the average I see on other similar channels I've seen.

  25. Jung Hye Taylor

    This man should have the compensation awarded to him. He deserves every penny. How can we help him to fight for that?

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