New Attorney accused of sexual grooming

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Parents of four minors, allegedly sexually groomed by a Cape Town attorney since March, is furious because he is out on bail. They say as a man of the law he should’ve known better, but instead took advantage of children. The 36-year-old lawyer is out on bail of R10 000. eNCA’s Nobesuthu Hejana reports. Courtesy #DStv403


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  1. Community take the law into your own hands thats the only way in this country

  2. Unemployed parents who use their kids to go beg should also be charged with neglect and child endangerment. What the attorney done was disgusting, but could've been avoided had the parents not financially relied on their kids begging on the streets.

  3. Please leave the children alone..its really that simple.. Why people do this is besides me ..sick individuals there is no cure for them