New Attorney Alex Murdaugh resigns from law firm, enters rehab after shooting

SC attorney Alex Murdaugh says he is resigning from his law firm and entering rehab after being shot over the weekend, months after his wife and son were killed. More:


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  1. Dee Robinson

    As if that law firm didn't know this family has been corrupt for a long time and now they're crying. GTFOH

  2. Don’t run! You’ll only be tired.

  3. Pretty In Ink

    Was it an attempted suicide or a freak accident drive by ?

  4. The son bought unnecessary attention on Daddy and Daddy was deep into the pay for play dope game using the law-firms money. Daddy has a mistress and really didn't want the old wife anyway; wanted a newer model. Solution – kill them both and then make it appear that someone is after you by shooting at yourself and getting a graze wound on your head. Get rid of son because he is bringing too much attention to daddy. Get rid of wife because she could squeal on the dirty drug pay for play scheme. Look like a victim and try to convince the public that an angry person would shoot you just once (just a graze wound only) if they had it in their minds to kill you. Fortunately, his idea didn't work and the world can see through the many distractions in this case.

  5. The Family maid

    3 seperate families suffering with grief. Their grief ceased momentarily on hearing this. There's one common denominator in this. ALEX.

  6. Yeah right, you say “resigns” from the law firm? And was stealing money? I highly doubt it. These top firms hire auditors and work under strict rules and regulations in order to be that lucrative. It’s more like he was pushed out of the firm to avoid the negative publicity, any outside scrutiny, and to protect the law firms’ assets from any pending and upcoming liability or liabilities from the Murdaugh victims’ families. They can now file for bankruptcy and say, “look, our addict former employee stole everything, we’re broke and can’t pay the victims”. Then they’ll restart the law firm under a different name. Also, I don’t believe he’s an addict, he’s not on drugs or any opioids. That’s an excuse to help him build an insanity defense, once he’s arrested for the murdaugh or killing of his wife and son. Wife wanted divorce, son was reckless and costing him money, one stone 2 birds. The shot while “changing tires” was self inflicted to mislead LE and garner public sympathy and support. And then going to rehab is to buy time for iron clad defense and also avoid LE questioning him. Just my own opinion.

  7. Minnie Trout

    Shot in the head but not visibly injured?? 🙄

  8. Drew is my Bae

    Something just isn’t right here. Alex just May be the killer for that life insurance money. Shot at yet not dead just grazed announcing resigning and rehab from the hospital bed! Why a public announcement?? Comes across very poor me, feel really bad for me. All that could have been kept private between family. Everything has been tight lipped to do with this mess, just strange behavior.

  9. Ted Reynolds

    These are some UGLY ass people. ALL of them. SORRY, but really, REALLY unattractive.

  10. So, this man killed his wife and son to get life insurance money to pay for what he stole from his law firm and goes to rehab for his "injuries" to avoid legal prosecution.

    That's savage af.

  11. Maybe I’m cynical, but checking into rehab is sometimes used as a shield to avoid uncomfortable questions.

  12. His family's murderer and his recent assailant were staring at him in the bathroom mirror.

  13. Brave Friend

    Like a “deer ran out in front of me”……..all lies…

  14. Its just deflection… 7 shots and they "just grazed" him…??? Come on…

  15. Don't mercedes come equipped with run flat tires as standard equipment?

  16. Harley B-Ham

    Everyone keeps using words like, mystery, weird, and suspicious. No mystery here. He's a drug addict that got in debt too deep and he and his family are paying the price. He won't live much longer.

  17. cynthia woodburn

    I heard an earlier story that the marriage was in trouble of divorce. Wife leaving, troublesome son. Why was he the first to discover them,? I heard they were separated. Somethings wrong here.

  18. Rehab for what?

  19. R. J. Martin

    News is now coming out that Attorney Murdaugh was embezzling money from his law firm partners. If his firm is owned and operated by a drug cartel, what happened would make sense.

  20. Keffiyehs Tolich

    Some of the smartest insightful comments I’ve ever read on YouTube here ⏬
    Here’s mine ; 2 weapons to make it appear like 2 killers is a possibility.
    My first thought was always why only mom & son ?
    Only a half hour window so that’s suspicious but if you know you only had a half hour window you would think you’d know all targets would be there too. So big D has always been my pick from day 1.

  21. fdafdsa fdsafdsa

    They are calling his gunshot wound "superficial". Just happened to have a flat tire on a back-road with no witnesses hmmmmm

  22. The War for Peace

    According to another report, he was also stealing money from his law firm which is being investigated. Hard to say if this is a legit hit or he’s orchestrating a outlandish set of circumstances.

  23. If he was stealing money from his job, who does he owe that money too?

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