New Attorney: Black man killed by deputies shot in back of head

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A Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina was shot in the back of the head and had his hands on his car steering wheel when they opened fire, attorneys …


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  1. I hate this kings life was lost but we really need to stop doing interviews I hate this for his family

  2. In the back of the head is not self defense it’s murder

  3. Instead of war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.
    -Tupac Shakur

  4. This man had an arrest record of 180 pages long, with a time span of over 30 years. I don't know how many times he was arrested….but each one of those arrests & prosecutions cost the Tax Payers approx. $13,500.00. If he's arrested once a year, the state of NC has already paid out $405K for just for his arrest & prosecutions. Has nothing to do with the cost of incarceration.

  5. how many people get shot on back by cop when they tries to resisting arrests and ran away?

  6. I’m guessing by watching news everyday and watching what goes on out there he was a SAINT who was targeted by police because of all his goodness? Maybe he was trying to help his community by teaching young black men not to fight or try to shoot the police? Just my wild guess

  7. I can tell u the outcome. They are going to blame the black guy because of his past and justify the killing on another unarmed black man

  8. I need the full version. It only takes two hours to blur 5 mins of video,. This is cap. If he was executed, it’s time to go up. This is genocide.

  9. Yes, let's see the footage and if he was being shot at while just sitting there we will take action. If not then the attorneys need to be disbarred and pay the cost of any additional police OT as well as any damage.

  10. this is a tragedy, a great loss to the family, but, ….. it’s irrelevant to the 99 percent of the rest of people. Police will be held accountable if evidence shows excessive force. Most don’t care about race, it’s a legal issue. Nothing more. End of story.

  11. Man I so tired of seeing This Ben guy. He’s on every damn case. It’s more person of color Lawyers/ attorneys in the United States than this one guy. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. Family stands to gain plenty of jewelry and fancy cars from suing the police.

  13. North Carolina. South Carolina. Is. A. Hot. Bed. For. Racism the. South been plagued by racism since Martin Luther king days so here. We are

  14. Ridiculous, but I will wait for the whole footage. So much hate in this world. These are the last days. Peoples of GOD needs to pray.

  15. show the video, all of it, all 7 plus the cruisers. let's see it. THEN we can make claims of brutality etc.

  16. Looking for durgs? its people out here killing & thay looking for drugs & why thay just didn't shoot the wheels

  17. These cops get away with too much today. One bad apple spoils the bunch but when you have several bad apples the bunch is destroyed. No justice no peace. HOLD THESE MF ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD DO A REGULAR PERSON. Damn its common sense. A badge is plastic it can be removed but when you kill someone it cant..

  18. Here we go again! Love to see the real Facts. Ben Crump is making a ton of $$$$$$.

  19. Sad and Evil and Haneous what's occurring to African Americans! This country should be Ashamed of itself!!!!

  20. Why don't you guys include the warrant executed when the man got in his vehicle and trying to flee a felony warrant. Y'all fuel the racist rhetoric

  21. Ben Crump is getting rich while taking advantage of other peoples misery.