New Attorney: Black man killed by North Carolina police shot in back of head

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The family of a Black man killed by deputies in North Carolina was shot in the back of his head and had his hands on the car steering wheel when they opened fire.


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  1. A whole month to release video. Judge giving murderes time to doctor the film. They will answer to God.

  2. What they won't tell you is the man tried to run over the police thats why he was shot and killed.

  3. Judge said family misrepresented the video he drove toward officers.. and hit two of them .

  4. Here we go again!! Sharing news before we know everything about the story. In the meantime, let's get everyone pissed off and cause more harm. Way to go kmov

  5. IT'S TIME WE THE PEOPLE TAKE THE "GUNS" AWAY FROM THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((((

  6. The drug dealer I’m sure he has his hands and a lot of people that died of drug overdoses I get there but he’s a good boy

  7. A drug dealer killed by the police how many people do this drug dealer help kill how many kids did he help get killed of drug overdoses see it’s karma

  8. why has there never been a black cop caught with his knee on neck of a white perp until he dies. or a black cop shooting a unarmed white perp in back? there are tens of thousands of black cops

  9. What would have been wrong with “Andrew Brown, of NC shot and killed by Police” as a headline. Media are race bating, flashing breaking news, and so few facts!

    What about the call to 911? How was Mr.Brown in contact with police in the first place? Is this another distraction!? Tell us the facts!

    He should not have been shot for nothing. In light of all the recent happenings with police and Black Americans, it isn’t adding up! Are their witnesses?
    Someone saw something m! SPEAK UP AND OUT!

    Im beginning to feel like this is happening with more frequency! AND Why!?? Something is terribly off here. Make it make sense!! JESUS BLESS AND HELL THIS COUNTRY. 🤦🏽‍♀️ stop the violence!!!

  10. Things are getting crazy. One person, can now win the lottery for their family by giving up their own life in a police execution "caught on camera". Horrific. There has to be a better way than just "pulling your gun" at every opportunity. Meanwhile, who the heck would want to enter the police force today????

  11. For some reason Members of USA police forces are of the notion that they are “AT WAR” with the communities they serve. Policing in America is no longer about serving the public and protecting communities.

    Only God knows what is going to happen to people when police feel they are Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Something has to change.

    The police are too angry and bitter against the public.

  12. Let's not wait until there is a complete investigation, let's destroy our city now, and find out the facts afterwards.
    FYI. Because of the riots in the floyd case, and biden, harris, and other politicians stating their opinions before the investigations were over or before the case was settled, and because of big mouth MAXINE WATERS trying to lead and incite a riot outside the courthouse , that VIRDICT has a good chance of being OVERTURNED on APPEAL. The judge told this to the defense attnys. The jury members , this week, have come out and stated THEY WERE ALL AFRAID while on this jury. Afraid their names would be released to this angry mob, if they didn't give them the right verdict. Afraid these mobs would come to their homes and try to kill them. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE JUSTICE TO YOU.

  13. "Chauvin was rightfully convicted, and now we need another story to keep blacks enraged to continue voting Democrat out of fear."
    "We need another money making story after Covid died out and Chauvin was convicted, so we need to make our bones by covering something we know nothing about yet."
    Two honest headlines for you.

  14. No matter what you do with cops, Black men seem to be murdered. Soon, there will be chaos and anarchy and rightfully so🤷🏽‍♂️